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I'm leaving - What to do about references? When to hand in notice?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Rubies, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Rubies

    Rubies New commenter

    Yes you need to give notice latest end of May to finish end of August starting new in another school in Sept. If you want to leave earlier it is end of the Easter holiday to start summer term beginning (16th April). New teaching apptmnts are in April and Sept anyway, therefore if you haven't been at least short-listed by now then you may think of hanging in there till you get a new appointmnt for Sept. As for speaking to your HT now, if you are able to do so and able to discuss what the issues are, then you should and they may surprise you with the level of support!

    However, NQT year is mad everywhere so perhaps you may well hang in till end of June when you complete it, and then start a fresh search for another school. Remeber though ttg2706, it isn't where you are its what you make of it! Good luck.
  2. Can you not request that you do not want referees contacted yet? Most forms have a tick box to that effect.

  3. If in a maintained school, the date has passed to be able to leave at Easter - date was end of February.

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