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I'm a new PE coordinator - help!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Favill, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Favill

    Favill New commenter

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to raise the profile of PE in school? I'm a recently qualified teacher and I'm looking for any successful sports courses or workshops that run in school to get them all excited about sport. We currently follow Real PE and are part of the New Forest School Sport Partnership. I run an after school fitness club and we run all the other usual suspects.
    Any ideas and links would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had skipping days or football ground trips or people come in to teach fencing????

    Thank you!
  2. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    My daughter's primary had a company called Skip2BFit. They did it as a sponsored event and it was really popular as I think skipping events seem to be. I'm not sure what sort of football ground trop you're after but some clubs offer match day ticket concessions to school groups. I've taken a few groups in the past and although potentially a risk assessment nightmare now they were good fun.
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  3. mattshort

    mattshort New commenter

    The best way to raise the profile of PE in school is to get the pupils participating. I run a PE teaching agency but spent the last 14 years working as a PE teacher in primary and Secondary schools. I'd come a do a session but the New Forest is a bit far to travel! If you want to raise the profile i found running inter-class competitions is the best way. Get the sports council to survey the classes to find out which sports they would most like to play. These can be based on any sport though sometimes the more diverse sports attract a wide cohort of pupils. I always get the pupils to run these (sports leaders) competitions. We have match reports in assembly and well as a results table on the sports notice board. Have a fast paced short game format that allows you to run the games every lunch time. Have a player of the week prize given out by the HT.
    In addition one of days or events are great but they are forgotten very quickly. If you can make PE a regular part of the school day, even if its 10 minutes at lunch time, get sport on the agenda in assembly and get a sports council, or sports leaders together to promote sport across the school. Simply! Best of Luck, Matt.
  4. Katieteachesdance

    Katieteachesdance New commenter


    We run Dance Educates where we support teachers and their class running CPD programmes to help deliver dance on the curriculum. We have many schools that are interested in using their PE Premuim resource and like you, wanting to build a strong, long lasting PE strategy at their school.

    Please feel free to get in touch and hopefully we can help you.

    Congratulations on recently qualifying - it's hard work!

    Many thanks,

  5. Bevi1

    Bevi1 New commenter

    Not selling anything but am happy to suggest ideas. One of the hardest things about enhancing the profile of physical education in the school is getting the other staff on board! You could put things in a weekly newsletter or a section of the website (could use older pupils). Using a regularly updated display board is another way of showing how important PE is- regular updates of the terms sports, photos and maybe a sports personality of the week spot recognising achievements in and out of school. This could include teachers or TAs etc who have achieved some form of physical prowess throughout the week. I know these are not new ideas but it's all about personal enthusiasm at a grass roots to get people on board. PM me if you fancy a chat
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  6. therunningman

    therunningman New commenter

    I agree with a lot of the above posts so won't repeat.

    One thing I do is to have a PE/sport specific assembly every couple of weeks, looking at events that may be happening (both in school and major sporting events around the world), focusing on a key word (such as determination, passion, confidence,etc.), Healthy eating, reasons for leading active lifestyles, etc.

    Also, I mention PE in nearly every staff meeting, either as a specific slot or usually in a.o.b., even if it is a simple, "as we're all starting new unit next week, come and ask if you need help differentiating your activities" or showing off some new kit that I've purchased. I always make sure Amy new data that comes out is shared, e.g. "Did you all know the government has released data proving that active children achieve..." etc. I find this just ensures PE in in everyone's mindset, as long as it's done properly and you don't become that annoying teacher who extends every meeting with discussions about nothing.
  7. SportyK

    SportyK Occasional commenter

    I'm a primary P.E. Coordinator and as it's my first year in this position I have been asked to raise the profile of P.E. in my school. I'll break down the steps I have taken in bullet points. (I'm not saying this is a perfect approach but my feedback so far has been positive).
    1. Look for a creative and more importantly (current) scheme of work; we follow the C2C Alliance SOW.
    2. Train up your Year 5&6 pupils to become playtime leaders: we have multi-skills, basketball and football each break/lunchtime (this has really improved playtime behaviour across the school.
    3. Celebrate P.E.! have a display board of pupil achievements with photos and a timetable visible.
    4. As you mentioned - Run after-school clubs; I run a fitclub multi-skills every week.
    5. Look for links with local high schools for regular competitions.
    6. Engage parents: we have excellent qualified coaches to take weekly sessions.
    7. Workshops: (as reddevil commented - Skip2BFit are excellent).
    8. Reward success; get pupils mentioned each week in celebration assembly
    9. Not sure this comes under your remit but data is important, but don't bombard staff - give very simple statements for staff to record pupil progress - it will be appreciated!
    10. Contact local clubs and stars and ask if they could give a little of their time to come in - the children will love it!

    Hope this helps.
  8. 10029759

    10029759 New commenter

    Absolute Coaching - PE Data Tracker

    Hi, I have been a PE Lead for the past 9 years. All of the above advise is very good. However, this will help with collecting data and applying for Schools Mark (Not assessment, buy real participation levels):

    I have developed a Web App that helps track, record and store all your participation data in one safe and secure place. It produces termly infographic reports (a demo is attached) showing participation and activity levels. This allows you to help identify and target less active pupils. This in turn align with your sports premium funding plan.

    Have a free trial.


    Hope this helps.


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