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I'm a clever cat

Discussion in 'Personal' started by marymoocow, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I've been amusing them tonight chasing a fly, little do they know that this is my secret food source to keep those hunger pangs at bay.[​IMG]
  2. As for those nasty worming tablets, who do they think they're kidding? Hide it in the side of your mouth, then spit it out later. Pick your spot, though, so they don't find it.
  3. Well fellow Kitties, today got off to a very bad start! My human picked me up and posted me through the flappy thing in a most undignified way! It's ok though I have a plan, i'll hide for a couple of hours and then she'll fret and when I eventually come out, i'll make sure I am covered in cobwebs, leaves and other interesting and exciting stuff, she will then feel bad and cuddle me for the rest of the day on her lap - easy peasy!!
  4. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    Our humans will never need to worry about sleeping too long.We wake them up at 5 am every day without fail. If they try to get back into bed after having fed us we keep them on their toes. A loud fight just behind the bedroom door works wonders or just a plaintive wailing which,if kept up long enough will bring one of them to see what's wrong.
    As for the flappy thing we have trained our humans to tie it open with a piece of string.No pushing with the head for us!
    We have different wildlife where we live so headless lizards work really well. Also big brown winged things that we leave on the kitchen floor after pulling off 1 or two legs...these always cause a noise when our humans see them.
    We once brought in a mouse for our humans to play with and they had endless fun for 3 months trying to catch it.They even tried to cheat.....locking us up without food for a day. hoping we would catch it....but we wern't going to spoil their fun..oh no.We reisted the urge to end the lovely game.However.,after 3 month we took pity on them and showed them how to catch a mouse..but believe or not they just took it away from us and put it outside somewhere.....there is just no pleasing them!
  5. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    My sister, Gwawr, and I have two lovely humans. Again, like most of yours, they're a bit dim and they aren't trained yet - in fact, I'm getting pretty tired of trying, but this thread has me rethinking my strategies. Last night, for example, I yowled outside the bathroom window for quite some time until Human #1 got up to go the loo, but do you know what she did, the cheeky mare? She told me the flappy thing was open, always had been open, and would continue to be open, and then! Then, she went back to bed!

    I KNOW the flappy thing is open, has always been open and will probably continue to be open, but I WANTED TO COME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW!

    Your suggestions about the food, though. I haven't been fed for three days. Well, I have, but you know, it's that emergency can of Kit-eKat **** they've got on standby for when they "run out and haven't had the need for a Big Shop". I'm not eating it, I tell you.

    HELP ME!!!
  6. Oh the silly humans - they take one step forward and two back don't they? I am still on my quest to get them to put paper away, by eating it and tearing it, I have even been sick on it - it is working sort of. But today my human walked away from her computer and a loud machine started spewing out paper - well I had to do something didn't I ? So I leapt on it and clawed it - we can't have mysterious paper spewing machines making a mess can we? Well she wasn't even pleased, pardon me for trying to help! she just picked me up and pushed out of the flappy thing again- but I'll show her who's boss - I've got a nice fur ball forming.
  7. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    My dear feline friends, you are exerting too much energy in trying to manipulate your humans. Don't you know that all you have to do is curl up on a bed somewhere, preferably on your back, and place your paws over your eyes, and you have them eating out of your paws ;)
    They all come running to see, and ahh and coo over you. This lovely sunny weather is great, as you can do it under a bush too, with the same result.
    If you want out, you don't go to any flappy things, you sit on the window sill, and miaoww as loudly as you possibly can. When you want in, you do the same, on the opposite side of the window. If you are feeling particularly playful, you can jump down off the windowsill, when they open it and go immediately to another. You can have them running around in circles, with this game.
    Don't bother about catching things, if you miaoww sadly enough, they produce ham or chicken from the fridge, and they will feed it to you, without you having to exert any energy. I mean why bother when they are stupid enough to love you anyway.;)
    You know you are superior to them, they know you are superior to them - I just wish that bloody dog, would learn that I am superior to it too!!
  8. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    You really haven"t got your humans trained at all have you? As for food...well I suppose it's easier to pile on the pressure when there"s more of us (5 in our household) For instance we heard them use the sound economise. We were not sure what this was all about until a cylindrical thing of food (probably kite cat) replaced our individual pouches...one per cat per day no less. It didn't take long to convince the humans that this was not a good idea at all and,as I say there is strength in numbers. refusing to eat,loud wailing,vomiting,peeing etc.After a couple of weeks the pouches came back...though out humans seem to have changed to a diet involving bread and cheese most of the time. However on the rare days hwhen meat is eaten we make sure we get our fair share of that.....five of us all making as much noise as possible wile it is cooking ensures a portion set aside for us. An older human came round the other day...her name was "mum"I think.They seemed to be very cross with our humans.Words like"" ÿou spoil them too much"" wonder who she was talking about?
  9. Oh I do this with my human....she opens the 'emergency tin' and the game is to have a sniff but then look up, do your best "I am sooooooo hungry and you give me this muck?" look......I have also learnt to heave a huge ***** cat sigh...She mutters something about 'Take it or leave it...." so war begins. I miaow every minute and follow her around, looking hurt and hard done by. Don't settle down...ever. Keep up the miaowing. They break before you do my feline friends.
    Before long she'll go out to the shops, just for the (expensive) cat food I like...She is well trained.
  10. I have trained my human to play with me by sitting on her magic letters board and swiping at anything that moves on the screen, she loves it. She instantly stops what she is doing and bats my paws in an affectionate manner - it's so sweet!
  11. You really haven't got your human taught foodwise have you? I've managed to get my humans to shake the tin thing that the dried biscuits are in when it's food time, this way I can sleep longer.
    My favourite human isn't home often (she goes to some other house somewhere, wants to better herself etc etc) and her bed is the best in the house. So when she's home, i punish her by getting into the centre of the bed at 4.30am, every 15minutes I will move closer to her so I can get warms. Once I am against her warms I will put my paws on her, human moves slightly closer to the edge of the bed. She will eventually give up and get out of bed, then I can snuggles under the blanket thing where she's been lying.
    When male humans shout at me to go away, i give second favourite female human sad face and she will cuddle me all day.
    Keep up the lessons
    Bella (12 year old cat of 4 humans)

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