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Ill in the holidays - AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by hoodedbrowser, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Having spent the last 2 weeks in a classroom full of green noses, here I am once again wrapped up in the duvet battling another virus! I know with all of the other health issues I've had over recent months that I am more vulnerable to catching bugs, but I can't help being annoyed by it all. Why tghe hell do parents keep on sending their kids into school when they are clearly unwell? I know that childcare is an issue but it simply dosen't excuse the unnecessary spread of colds, viruses and other infections! We are not childminders or health care providers. When kids aren't well, they find it near impossible to concentrate on learning, so why send them in?
  2. copycat

    copycat Occasional commenter

    I sympathise but the trouble is at my children's school they are so obsessed with attendance figures that they do not like kids to be absent and give them and parents a hard time if they are off ill. No wonder everyone gets sick!
  3. It's not simply a case of sick children being sent to school. Schools are impossible to keep really clean - key boards, door handles, desks, chairs, floor boards, carpets, all harbour germs. Clearly the list is endless. The other factor is teachers' workloads which is not conducive to good health.

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