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Ill health retirement

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by madcow100, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. madcow100

    madcow100 New commenter


    I’m in the process of submitting an application for ill health retirement and my forms are almost ready to go. It’s daunting and very stressful! I wondered if anyone out there had also submitted an application for this and any tips or guidance on what to include? How did you find the process and how much evidence did you include? Any pearls of wisdom gratefully received! Thank you!
  2. Saffron5

    Saffron5 New commenter

    I wrote a letter to accompany the forms stating how my condition affected me, medications, treatments, prognosis. I also said what school had done to help reasonable adjustments, reducing hours, phased returns.
    Basically anything and everything.

    I also included as much medical evidence as I could, occupational health report, letter from gp, mri reports, discharge summaries, letters from hospitals to gp (I always ask for a copy)

    I know you may not have all of this and you may have things I haven't mentioned but I hope this helps
  3. madcow100

    madcow100 New commenter

    That’s brilliant and really helpful thank you! I’ve got most of those things so at least I’m on the right lines.
    How long did it take after posting the forms before you heard back with a decision?
  4. Saffron5

    Saffron5 New commenter

    About 10 days I think, you then have to resign within 6 weeks and pension is paid from day after resignation date
  5. madcow100

    madcow100 New commenter

    That’s brilliant thank you! They make a quick decision then which is good as nothing worse than waiting and watching for the post everyday.
  6. Annsmyth

    Annsmyth New commenter

    I was awarded ill health retirement earlier this year I had a medical evidence form completed by my consultant. I think they listen to the consultant the most. They received the forms on Tuesday and I received the letter saying I had been awarded it on Friday. The lady for teacher pensions said I must have had some good evidence. I included over 30 clinic letters so there was no way they read them all. Good luck.
  7. deblynch

    deblynch New commenter

    Can I ask you if you had taken sick leave before you applied?
  8. pmichelmore

    pmichelmore New commenter

    I was awarded tier 1 in March, I had about 20 days sick leave in the year previous but was only on 0.6, however I was still coming in when I was accepted then had to work for 6 weeks before I officially ‘left’.

    Get as much evidence as you can, with lots of “unfit to teach” statements from experts.
    Also you need to demonstrate that you have tried everything, ie gone part time, had OH in, tried all medical options, etc
    deblynch likes this.
  9. littlejackhorner

    littlejackhorner Occasional commenter

    I had several long term absences before I applied. OH had been involved and I didn't last long on a phased return. My specialist didn't send a detailed report but it was very clear that I was no longer fit to teach. I think it was about one month between sending the forms and getting approval from Teachers Pensions. Part of the delay was probably waiting for the response from my former employer.
    deblynch likes this.
  10. deblynch

    deblynch New commenter

    Thanks for advice.
  11. twoplustwoplus

    twoplustwoplus New commenter

    Hi Could I ask how the process went ?, I ve completed the forms and just waiting back from my consultant for my medical evidence form. thanks

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