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Ill Health Retirement Tier 1 - help please?

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by shelleymccuk, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. shelleymccuk

    shelleymccuk New commenter

    I have been awarded IHR Tier 1 and now have been instructed by Teachers' Pensions to complete the online 'Ill Health Payment Form'. I have a service history of 22 years 194 days (20 years 106 days in the Final Salary 80th Scheme & the rest in Career Advantage).
    Am I correct in thinking that I will receive the lump sum as stated in the Final Salary Scheme??
    The online web form's 1st two questions are confusing me:
    1) Do you wish to repay any teachers' pensions contributions? (No?)
    2) Do you wish to convert part of your pension? (???)

    Can anyone who's been through this process help me please asap?

    Many thanks.
  2. Brianthedog

    Brianthedog Occasional commenter

    I think the first part will be relevant if your IHR is going to be backdated, in which case you may have overpaid pension contributions, but then you'd be claiming it back, so it doesn't make sense!
    I know when I got my normal pension I also had the second question. I had to decide if I wanted to convert any of my pension into an additional lump sum.
  3. shelleymccuk

    shelleymccuk New commenter

    Thank you, Brianthedog. So, the Tax Free Lump Sum figure I see on my benefit statement is what I'll receive? If so, I won't need to convert any to top it up.
    Sorry, but I'm really confused by all this as you can probably tell!!
  4. pmichelmore

    pmichelmore New commenter

    Hi, I got Tier 1 a few months ago, the pension statement is pretty much what you will get.
    My lump sum arrived the day after my last teaching day and the pension is paid the day before your birthday date every month.
    I didn’t convert anything and the statement was correct with a few quid.
    shelleymccuk likes this.
  5. Ex-teacher

    Ex-teacher Occasional commenter

    Like you, I was thoroughly confused by those questions.

    I rang the pensions people, and asked what they meant. I even went as far as filling in the form online with a human on the other end of the phone.

    They then confirmed the form had been successfully submitted.

    Pretty certain Mr Dog, above, is correct regarding the 2nd question. I still dont understand the first, but from distant memory both answers were no.
    shelleymccuk likes this.
  6. Saffron5

    Saffron5 New commenter

    Hi All
    Please can I ask did you post application or scan and send?
  7. Ex-teacher

    Ex-teacher Occasional commenter

    I posted mine.
  8. pmichelmore

    pmichelmore New commenter

    Posted via Tracked Mail.
    Arrived next day
  9. Saffron5

    Saffron5 New commenter

    Sorry all more questions do teacher pension notify school of their decision? Also assuming the decision is favourable do i then decide a resignation date with school?
  10. pmichelmore

    pmichelmore New commenter

    Yes the
    They notify the LEA who then notify the school.
    Good luck in your application.
  11. pmichelmore

    pmichelmore New commenter

    You then have 6 weeks to agree a date with the school if you are still in employment with them.
  12. Ex-teacher

    Ex-teacher Occasional commenter

    In my case I had already left employment, but once my application had been awarded, both school and I were notified, as we both had other forms to fill in.

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