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ill health retirement - not referred by school to occupational health

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Toygirl, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hello there, Can anyone help? I had a severeB/D in 2009 and have not been able to work since. I was on contract at a school in special measures. 5 other teachers had been in the post before me and all of them left within a few weeks...I couldn't afford to. I was too ill to deal with anything and my union 'tried' to help. I wasn't referred to Occupational Health and did not get any kind of counselling until 16 months later.
    I was forced to put in for ill-health retirement with only my GP's support (was on a long list for CBT counselling which I never got). To all intent and purposes, my employment at the school has been hidden (as a lot of strange things were happening there). I am still very fragile but suddenly my ESA stopped and I was told to apply for Jobseekers. I did this and they said you should still be on ESA. My early retirement was turned down as not enough evidence of medical treatment, I've had no income, not even basic benefits, since June 2011. The CAB are looking into this now but no food unless the family donate. Making me worse, can't sleep. How do I get ill health retirement?
  2. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    What is your Age ?
    Did your Union help you with your first application for ill health retirement ?
    If you paid your union fees until you stopped working.The Union( at the Regional Level) ,should help with your ill health application appeal.
    Your Union may be able to offer benevolence from the information you have provided.
  3. casper

    casper New commenter

    Check your house insurance you may have legal cover. Good luck. Union should really be sorting this out for you.
  4. Though this is almost a year later, I wanted to say thank you for your response. I have checked my policy and it does not cover me for this.
    Today, I've been reading the forum set up by ilovepoppies and jennyb....it's very upsetting and terrible to see how teachers are treated and it looks like its worse than ever.
    When I last posted, ESA had been stopped abruptly and I had no food money! I was unaware (and too ill to cope with) that it was a government strategy and I was supposed to re-apply. Every time I spoke to anyone regarding benefits (which I had no understanding of how it all works) I was tolf to apply for jobseekers as they could see I was too cabbaged to work!
    I was greatly worried about even going to the CAB as they 'dismissed' me when I first became ill. An older friend came with me, thankfully, though I got exactly the same 2 advisors which I didn't realise at first as I'm convinced my short term memory has been permanently damaged.
    The CAB advisors rang the benefits agency and said 'Make your mind up, she needs one or the other'. It took SIX months of dire, desparate days before I finally was put on ESA again. I'm now really angry (which I believe is a good sign!) as I was neglected by the school, my union suggested I took out a personal injury claim but I don't know how.
    I only survived because my friend fed me, took me in (they allowed me to stay so I could rent out my flat to pay the mortgage) and assisted me with their own retirement fund. I hate being so incapable. My friend has had 2 major ops and I have been able to care for them. He is now disabled. I hope to sell my property in early spring and buy a cheaper one to house us both.
    I was unaware, until today, that the pension sytem has changed. Can anyone recommend an employment solicitor? when I applied last time because I had no medical attention, I couldn't provide it and I got turned down. Sorry to go on, I'm so slow compared to before. Best Wishes to you all.
  5. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Since you paid your subs to your Union they should be able to assist you with obtaining a retirement pension.This should be undertaken by a paid person at the Regional Centre It does not matter that you are no longer in teaching.This will not cost you any money. Whether you can obtain an ill health retirement pension or since you are now 55 you can receive an acturial reduced pension,will depend on the facts of your case.
  6. Many Thanks for your advice. I will get back in touch with the union. I'm very grateful x
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    To apply for an Actuarially reduced pension, which can be done from age 55 years onwards, you need to have at least a day of no longer being employed.
    I took an ARP in June and had to resign from my LA supply agency and (eventually) get a P45 so that I could triggerr my pension early.
    You lose about 4% of what the pension would pay out at age 60yrs for each year early that you take it, so you would be looking at a 21% reduction approximately if taking it at age 55yrs. You also get your lump sum payment.
    It's not something to be done lightly with that sort of reduction and I would strongly advise getting more advice on whether you are getting all the Welfare benefits possible. Once you get the pension it is taken into account when in receipt of Income Based (Means-tested) benefits.
    Another thing that you might not have done is to claim a tax rebate for any year in the last 4 tax years when you ceased receiving pay/sick pay. When pay stops before the end of a tax year, you have usually paid too much tax. Have you kept your P60s in the last few years?
    Have you claimed tax relief on Union subs and the GTC fee? If not, you will be due a small but not insignificant amount in each of the last 4 tax years.
    You can PM me if you like with information. If you give me the Union subs figures and the years when you paid a GTC fee, I'll send you the relevant letters to copy and send to your tax office. I can also work out whether you are due a tax rebate if you give me your gross pay/sickpay in recent years and the 'total tax to date' listed on your last payslip of each tax year or on your P60s.

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