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I'll be new to year 4 next term! Any ideas or handy hints about what year 4 is like and what I might need to buy?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Amarie, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. As the title really - any ideas gratefully received eg books they like, games they like, websites showing where they should be 'at' etc!
  2. me 2, Y4 in a new school - im in Y5 at the mo as an NQT. I taught Y4 on final placement but they were nearly Y5 at that point! ... i am a little worried that they will be really babyish when they first come! Oh well - im still gonna teach them like UKS2 as i think this style suits me .... should bring them on alot also rather than babying them!

    I love reading darren shan to them but im starting to think it might be a bit old for them .... NOOOOOOOO :(
  3. I'm coming 'up' from year 2 - they'll seem like fully grown adults to me!

    There was a thread on here a while back suggesting 'Mr Gum' books for year 4. I've bought the first one. I wondered about reading Harry Potter?
  4. There must be some 'seasoned' year four-ers out there with a top tip or two?! Any info would be great!
  5. mrmatt

    mrmatt New commenter

    I teach year 4.

    They are a great yr group - they are starting to mature but still like to play and have a joke.

    Main problems: friendships. Boys fall out with girls, girls fall out with girls, girls fall out with boys... Some of the boys are starting to 'like' the girls - this has caused problems for me.

    They have a great work ethic, love practical work, really enjoy experiments etc. They love telling you what they've been up to or what they're going to do. Circle times are great.

    Behaviour is generally ok. They're still at the age that they care about their behaviour. They like being rewarded with stickers etc.

    I've had a great time with them. It's been hard work, but well worth it.
  6. I've just completed my NQT year in year 4. I have loved every minute of it. They're old enough to have in depth conversations with them, they're at the age where they've got a great sense of humour but are still young enough to want to 'play'.

    I've read mine Vlad the Drac and Vlad Returns and they have lapped them both up. They love any Dick King-Smith, Anne Fine or Jacqueline Wilson but as they've grown up over the year, they've started to gain an interest in Michael Morpurgo and Darren Shann.

    I've found www.learningclip.co.uk a fantastic website as a starter. Do a search on the thread and you should find out more information about it.
  7. Agree with the falling out - especially this time of year!
    They are in general a lovely year group, I've taught year 4 for 4 years now. Stickers and certificates etc. still work really well so stock up on those.
    My class love listening to stories, Roald Dahl is a favourite at the moment.
  8. I completely echo mrmatt. Year 4 is great. They've had 2 years since their last SATS and have 2 years until their next. However, I've been led to believe that Year 4 is traditionally a 'lull' year where children don't always make as much progress as anticipated. There's also been a national 'dip' within year 4 lately. I hope it's national and not just my school telling me I'm rubbish!
  9. Having had year 4 for the last 5 years I love it!!! Although moving this year down to year 2 which I can't wait.

    Year 4 are honestly lovely, and don't have any of the attitude of year 5 and 6s. You can have fun with them and begin to do mini projects just in a more structured way than in year 5 and 6.

    Children love still being young children and all the stickers etc.. that go with that and also like being treated like one of the oldest in the school with more responsibilities. One of the best things I did this year was to create our own role play area of a travel agents from juliateacher's ideas.

    Just have a selection of books by key authors like roald dahl (the longer books) and michael morpurgo to read, all those books that I expect you just wish that you could read in year 2. Some of the units if working with qca are a bit hit and miss, but we do topics so I don't have to worry too much.

    Seem to be waffling on, hope you enjoy it and any advice to a teacher going to year 2
  10. Thank you so much everyone - a great boost!
    Funchick I have written loads about going in to year 2 on another thread .... when I find it again I will post the link - year 2 is fab.

    Right, need to look on ebay for some of those authors - have already ordered some really nice stickers and I am going to get a stamper for 'on target' work when marking.

    Any other ideas - please post!
  11. Mine love Mr Gum books and Dirty Bertie. Oh also the Snottle at the moment even the girls want me to read more of this. I agree with everyone on other authors and mine loving working towards set targets displayed around classroom. A great year group
  12. fieldy24

    fieldy24 New commenter

    Brilliant thread! I am moving up to Y4 in September too, having taught Reception and Year 1 for the past 3 years.

    Can't wait!
  13. chocoholic1

    chocoholic1 New commenter

    This thread is now in my hotseat.I'm being moved to year 3/4 having moved from Reception. I've never even been in a year 3 or 4 classroom, so I need all the help I can get. I'm really pleased to hear they still like stickers, otherwise I'd be lost.

    More suggestions please.
  14. Hello again! I have bought some sets of books (fiction and non fiction) from the book people as books are pretty sparse in lower ks2 at my school. I got some horrible Histories and Horrible Geographies, some books about planets, kings and queens, etc and a set of 10 fiction texts. I am now going to go on ebay to get some Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo if I can.

    Thanks for the suggestions and keep 'em coming!

    I'm quite excited about teaching french - there are some super resources on lots of sites including ********** and teacher's takeaway and schoolslinks. I have bought a french song cd too. Will have to stop buying stuff soon!

    I am also thinking about guided writing - this can be hard going in year 2!

    Lots to think about!

    I am also planning to introduce learning logs for homework. What will you be doing in year 4 that's different to your current year group?

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