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IGCSE P.E. - Tracking and Monitoring

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by MacCoisdealbha, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. MacCoisdealbha

    MacCoisdealbha New commenter

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering what format your use for tracking and monitoring theory, practical, and AoP results for your IGCSE kids for predicting grades.

    Excel is the achilles heel for me unfortunately and I'd really appreciate some input and possibly some assistance.

    Willing to trade departmental resources as well as Logins for software and resource banks we use for revision, practicals, and all things GCSE for P.E.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. zipsterrr

    zipsterrr New commenter

    Are you still looking for something?
  3. leejones-bs-24

    leejones-bs-24 New commenter

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