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IGCSE English Second Language or Functional Skills?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by trinaepsom, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. trinaepsom

    trinaepsom New commenter

    I'd like to chat with HODs who are currently making a decision about what to do with Post 16 students who get less that grade 2 in GCSE 9-1 English Language but are going into sixth form. Also, HODs who are having to decide what to give Year 13s (who achieved a D in IGCSE English Language in Year 12 and will have to resit English).
  2. num3bers

    num3bers Occasional commenter

    I have to smile. Most of ours do art, business, sciences and psychology in some combination - and I know nearly all the teachers of said subjects pull their hair out at the decisions because without at least a grade C ( ie a 4) in English, students cannot function. ( I have one in my class this year who has virtually no English and an ILETS 4 yet SLT will expect him to pass at least one A level, probably get an EPQ ( neither of which will happen) and pass his first language at A level (which he more than likely will ).

    Not helpful - except you are not alone. Maybe someone else has a better system to offer ( I would love to hear the ideas too).
  3. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Most sixth forms will not accept students with less than 5 GCSES including English, Maths and Science. The lower ability students go to FE colleges where they study Btecs or NVQs. No-one teaches IGCSEs any more. They do not count in the league tables. They are not equivalent to a GCSE. So my number 1 piece of advice would be to throw the IGCSEs out of the window and don't bother with them. Students who have a grade D IGSE generally do GCSE English. They usually fail because they have a very low level of literacy.
    Students with a grade 3 will be re-sitting their GCSE. Students below this will be taking Functional Skills. They will taking a diagnostic which will decide what level FS they will be taking. Students who pass FS 1 will go on take GCSE English language. They will probably all fail. For some reason very few colleges teach FS 2 now, which is a shame.
    These lower ability students should not be made to take GCSEs when they are 16. They are simply not up to it. They should be entered for FS at 16 and GCSE at 18.

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