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IGCSE English in 1 year

Discussion in 'English' started by Carnhot, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Is it possible? Has anyone done it? It is what my boss has in mind.
  2. Language or literature?

  3. Language. I'm looking at Cambridge.
  4. tica

    tica New commenter

    I've taught the cambridge IGCSE 1st language for years in overseas schools and really love teaching it. It is perfectly possible to do the exam after 1 year especially if you have a good cohort. ( Is this accelerated course for all your students?)
    I find that weaker students do tend to come on a lot in the second year of the course and would hate to be forced into teaching it in 1 year. 2nd language on the other hand is a struggle to fill a 2 year course!
  5. As with other examination boards there is a Foundation and Extended (Higer) examination. It is perfectly possible to have students successfully complete First Language within a year although I wouldn't suggest doing the coursework option! OBviously, the weaker the chort, the more difficult this will be.
    For Second Language - there is little for the students to actually understand about the examination itself and no set texts so this would depend upon their level of English and their written ability.
    Literature is another kettle of fish as there are three aspects to the exam (drama, prose, poetry) and these can be weighty texts.
  6. We're about to start CIE over two years. One should be possible if you aren't doing the coursework. Look carefully at the resources they provide for assessment - I have been warned that they are quite technical and expect certain formats of response to each question.
    If you break down the teaching into exams and questions rather than into an attempt to deliver everything at the same time, I can see no reason why it shouldn't work.

    Which S+L do you have in mind? Since it all needs to be taped, the single presentation and discussion looks the simplest to organise.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  7. S&L is optional although the organisation of the recording does look problematic. The suggestion is that one teacher would record all students. I doubt this is the expectation but that is the way it appears to read.
  8. Slightly off topic
    Just looked at CIE website and I suggested to several posters that they access the A Level Lit for the Songs ouf Ourselves poems for 2013 which were previously on A level. The resource teacher notes are no longer there so will dig them out and post to the resources section over the next week or so which should provide some help for folk.
    Will also post up the approaches and shorthand that we use to help students differentiate between the 3 language/3 literature questions. FYI - avoid the emphatic question on the Lit paper - examiner reports suggest that few students are successful at it unless they are high ability whilst it seems to be the escape clause for lower ability students.

  9. The overseas schools I have worked in have done Cambridge IGCSEs, with students taking the Second language exam at the end of Y10, and First language in Y11, without the coursework option.
    For top set, I always cover elements of the First Language in Y10, though, particularly the Descriptive, Narrative and Argumentative writing tasks and the Directed Writing for paper 3.
    I would say that it is possible to do this exam in one year, with a motivated and capable group.
  10. Thanks all. The more I look at the materials, the more do-able I think it is - as long as the students are willing to get stuck in, but that's always the case. You have all been helpful.
  11. Well, we did it and got some good results - nad some not so good. This year, with more experience, we might strike gold..

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