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IGCSE - CIE - mistakes in anthology

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by kervin, May 21, 2017.

  1. kervin

    kervin New commenter

    When I pointed out to CIE that their version of Spender's 'My children kept me...' was wrong, I received a somewhat arrogant reply that they were 'aware of other versions' (for example, the version by Stephen Spender, perhaps?) and that candidate would not be penalised for referring to these other versions, which is big of them. No apology, or any inkling that actually it is wrong to change any text from the author's accepted version. Be aware then, folks - According to cie boys 'tripped' rather than 'stripped' by country streams, act like dogs 'to bark at the world', rather than 'our' world, the poet looked 'the other way', as opposed to 'another way' and cie seem to dislike his use of polysyndeton as well as his punctuation. Bloody awful.
  2. kervin

    kervin New commenter

    Thank God it didn't come up in the exam!

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