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IGCSE Cambridge

Discussion in 'Music' started by musicismyreligion, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Hi! My school is making me switch to Cambridge igcse from September 2016, and I am struggling to find resources. Does anyone have any tips or anything they have used?
    Am I right in thinking that it would be: Bach Brandenburg or Mendelssohn symphony? The world focus on Latin America? This would be examined in June 2018.

  2. will_hyland

    will_hyland New commenter

    I have taught IGCSE for 4 years now and feel quite comfortable with the course after the same initial worries.

    There is no textbook etc but if you can get your school to provide the login to the website their is quite a lot of material on the Cambridge website plus a forum where the examiners respond quite quickly.

    In the syllabus it tells you which styles to cover and what technical language (texture, melody, keys) students need to be able to use. If you can get hold of past papers you will see that the papers follow a set structure and many of the questions are about melody, texture, structure and where and why you think the piece is from a particular country or period of music.

    Most of the world music comes from a book called Music Worldwide which is very useful in planning what you are going to teach. The world focus topic has more detail than the other world topics but it will tell you exactly what will be examined in the syllabus notes.

    The setwork is tough for students and I would suggest teaching this near the end of the course. They provide excellent notes so you know what to teach on the works and also some set questions to have a go at.

    Coursework is still 60% of the GCSE so it is important to give this the most focus. The performance aspect is very similar to other GCSE boards. The composition is quite free which students like but they do expect a very accurate and detailed score which can cause some problems for students who ar not strong readers of music. I was doing compositions in Sibelius but have now switched to Logic Pro which has some good scoring functions and is more engaging for students creating music.

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