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Igcse Art - Cambridge v Edexcel?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by dawnmain, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. verymessy

    verymessy New commenter

    Well I wish I had found this forum thread last year! I am relieved to know that there are others with exactly the same frustrations with CIE. I also had 30 points taken off - unbelievable, never happened before! ( been doing this for 30 years!). I have always kept detailed records and felt so let down. My sanity was kept by seeing that the marks awarded for the exam work for each student matched what I thought the students should have got for their coursework portfolio. However, you can imagine how a minus of 30 points bought down their final grades. We also went for a re-mark, within a day we were told no change. It is a waste of money to go for the re-mark. I sent detailed information about student's work, concerns etc got nowhere - a personal response does not fit in to their re-mark process. We paid a lot of money for a more detailed response from them to help me understand how to improve for this year. Their response was full of contradictions and again money wasted. A year later and I am going through the same disappointment as last year. I do hope everyone else is feeling happier with their results?
    Need to move forward and the comments here are very helpful, thank you
  2. funkyrainbow

    funkyrainbow New commenter

    I teach in an international school and we have been offering Cambridge for the past two years. Have just received my second year of IGCSE results - I am SO disapointed about the results once again. I do not have half the years teaching experience that alot of teachers do on this post, but I am so relieved to hear that my story is the same as the rest of you! The exemplar material looks comprehensive but is so very misleading - in all honesty if I were to line up my students work with the CIE material, I would put my money on a B and C grade. Instead students received a mediocre C and a low D. I am actually doubting my ability as a viable art teacher going back to the new academic year. Changing to edexcel without a doubt!
  3. verymessy

    verymessy New commenter

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  4. classfive

    classfive New commenter

    I completely agree, I stopped teaching art in international schools because they all do Cambridge. Having taught Edexcel for 10 years and achieved outstanding results mainly A*, and B grades, I got acreditation to do the coursework element of IGCSE Cambridge. Well Hinge and Bracket (The Cambridge Examiners) turned up in Antwerp where I was teaching and seemed more obsessed with the sizes of the paper than the work. It was like going back to the old O level Art course that I did many years ago.
  5. josevalcarcel

    josevalcarcel New commenter

    Hi everyone!
    Wow, I find myself exactly in the same situation. ICE vs Edexcel? According to this thread, there is a vast majority of Art Teachers in favour of Edexcel. Is there any opinion supporting Cambridge IGCSE?
    Taking into account that I don´t have experience with any of them and basically, I am starting from scratch, what would you choose? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  6. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    Just read the posts .... Edexcel all the way
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  7. roderick_dreams

    roderick_dreams New commenter

    Have to agree with the responses. Susan Young, head of Art and design at Edexcel is outstanding with communication. They often send out updates and articles. There is no 'face' of Art and design at CIE. It's a faceless organisation. I have a mentor at another school and she admits that her marks are regularly changed. "You just can't fight them' she claims. Very experienced teacher, around 20+ years of experience. I did one training in Hangzhou in CIE and was extremely disappointed. There were samples shown where I and other participants could not agree with the speaker on assessment. So, going Edexcel seems the way to go.
  8. roderick_dreams

    roderick_dreams New commenter

    The other thing is sending artwork back to your country is now really expensive. $284 US dollars for 1 component. So you are looking at almost 600 US dollars for two components. The students spend a lot of effort on those artworks. But many can't get them back just because of the cost, which I think is a bit outlandish.
  9. roderick_dreams

    roderick_dreams New commenter

    The other thing I noticed is that CIE doesn't have any training events this year in China. for such a major market I find it a bit odd.
  10. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    HI Edexcel is about 60 pounds for all our cohort and the cost of the exam is less !!!
  11. leebeagle

    leebeagle New commenter

    I am also new to the Edexcel IGCSE. We did the standard GCSE but found out students wanted to specialise in one area. Just wondering if anyone has any examples of the boards the students have created.

  12. vsadeq

    vsadeq New commenter Jobseekers' Forum Host

    I am a newbie to Edexcel and IGCSE. I have been teaching for 32 years but IBDP and foundation courses. Would you share your work with me. I start teaching on Monday. I started a facebook group just to get some tips. Do you use sketchbooks to build the work for the projects? If so what size do you use.
  13. laetitiamartinez

    laetitiamartinez New commenter

    Hello everybody, Same problem with CIE marks for IGCSE and Alevel, I honestly do not understand their marking system anymore since last year and I have been teaching for ten years. They dropped one of my student mark by 40 points!!!!!! Anyone wanna share their students works so we can moderate them and compare to the marks they got? My email flashtitia@gmail.com
  14. vsadeq

    vsadeq New commenter Jobseekers' Forum Host

    Yes please lets moderate them and compare. I am very interested as I am new to the community.
  15. vsadeq

    vsadeq New commenter Jobseekers' Forum Host

    Can you guides us as to where to find these resources as I have not found much on the Pearson website for Art and Design. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places.

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