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IFS Level 3 Certificate in Financial Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by porl99, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. porl99

    porl99 New commenter

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has any experience of this qualification or the Diploma? I would be very interested to know your thoughts for example: Is it a good and worthwhile course? Do the students enjoy it? How many hours a week are needed to teach it? How well do the students perform on the course i.e. what sort of results do they get compared to their other qualifications.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. sohara1

    sohara1 New commenter

    Hi, I have been teaching this qualification for 5 years and 3 of those with the new (current) specification that is going. They are very good qualifications and do promote a high level of awareness of what is happening around the students day to day. My students have always been enthusiastic about the subject as most of them embrace what they are learning. Results are very good and that is a consistent outcome year upon year for our school. It tends to be the best performing subject on the L3VA comparisons each year.

    I have uploaded many of my resources so would suggest downloading them and taking a look for the content, but anything else I can help with then please let me know.
  3. porl99

    porl99 New commenter

    Thank you Sohara1 that's really helpful. May I ask how many hours a week you have to teach the course and is it enough/too many. Thanks again
  4. sohara1

    sohara1 New commenter

    The CeFS I have 5 lots of 50 minutes and DipFS I have 6 lots of 50 mins. Generally is enough, although time does get tight delivering Unit 2 and 4 as there is not long between their exams and those for Unit 1 and 3.
  5. blessedflora

    blessedflora New commenter

  6. sohara1

    sohara1 New commenter

    The CeFS has all my resources available. Are you talking about the Level 2 CeFE resources? Unit 1 I have uploaded, but I Unit 2 I have about 5/6 topics worth as another teacher takes the rest of the course.
  7. blessedflora

    blessedflora New commenter

  8. sohara1

    sohara1 New commenter

    All that I have produced is available on TES, I haven't been teaching the course this year so nothing new produced. Will be back teaching it next year.
  9. davescott

    davescott New commenter

    Today I purchased Unit 1 certificate in financial studies work booklets 1 to 12 and for which I paid £25 . However however Topic 7 (Providers) is great BUT it also appears in Topic 8 (Consumer Protection) and over half of topic 8 is missing! or I cannot find it PLEASE Help
  10. davescott

    davescott New commenter

    Has anybodt else purchased the £25 booklets for UNIT 1 Certificate in financial studies and found UNIT 7 complete BUT appearing again in TOPIC8 ( which is incomplete)

    LYNETTEHEALEY New commenter

    I have been teaching this for years. The LiBF website has all the resources you need to teach the course. You can also get the text books for CeFS and DipFS direct from the website.
  12. CanLah

    CanLah New commenter


    I've been teaching this qualification as an enrichment opportunity for the last 4 years on an hour a week. It seems to work really well as we charge the kids (an enrichment) and they are really motivated. It is taught in Yr 13. Prior to this we used to teach both DIPFS and CEFS as regular subjects and would recommend DIPFS this way but possibly not CEFS. I also taught the GCSE version as an enrichment until they just changed it and lost their GCSE equivalency. The courses used to be good as well when starting and the help from the board is also pretty quick and effective.

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