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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by carbon footprint, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. VI form if you weren't so tragic you would be funny. I love the lack of awareness in your posts and the hypocritical cant you spout. For example was it not you who said that in the main professional bodies did not ask for CPD and were merely subscription based status symbols that did not point to sector specific raising of standards and competence.
  2. No, I didn't say that - but if the only way you can make any sort of point is to lie, feel free to abuse me in that way.
  3. Oi! calm down you two this isn't a schoolie board we're all better than that.
  4. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Petekeefes inference or insider news that the IfL and GTC will merge confirms much of the reservations I have had about the IfL.

    There is still no word of what sanctions may be imposed against an FE lecturer who does not join by the specified date. Have all Colleges been asked to submit the names and other details of their staff to the IfL/GTC thought police?
  5. I understand that IFL are admitting by the end of January that only a third of FE lecturers will have registered with them.
    Well done to the other two thirds we have saved the tax payer around 2 million pounds!
  6. And where are the 'admitting' this Irish?
  7. Well it is clear that you must have signed up having not visited the IFL site. Ask Les Davis your IFL deputy boss. Or read his January news from IFL.
  8. My boss? What are you on about?

    As I understand it, from a meeting I was at recently, the IfL are anticipating somewhere between 60 - 70 thousand registrations by the end of January. Using your maths this places between 180 and 210 thousand teachers in further education colleges. The 2006 SIR counted just under 49,000 full-time teachers in FE colleges. Though there may be many part-time teachers - 130,000+ there are not.

    Have you seen the benefits of membership, not least the Pebble Pad personal learning space for teachers. Worth £30 of anyone's money - Government funded or not.
  9. Les Davis deputy chief executive of IFL states in a letter dated January 17, 2008 on the IFL news page that he estimates about two thirds of existing teachers in FE have still have not registered with IFL.
    Regarding the boss situation. If you run foul of IFL they have the right to suspend you. So you can be suspended by your college or by IFL which has Les Davis as one of the bosses!
  10. By the way Les Davis also goes on to say that less than 41,000 teachers and trainers are now members of IFL. This makes around 120,000 Lecturers in FE going by my maths not yours! I am quoting facts from IFL. Read his news letter before dreaming up your own figures! You asked where I got the information from I provided it!
  11. You said:

    "I understand that IFL are admitting by the end of January that only a third of FE lecturers will have registered with them."

    .....then quote an article published well before the end of January that said nothing of the sort. I can hardly be blamed for your inability to construct a rational argument.
  12. And who the hell is Les Davis?
  13. That'll be Lee Davies (posts as MFL on here, or did).
  14. or was it 'MDF'?
    Not seen his posts on here for a while but I know that he's a busy busy bee.
  15. Blimey peteK, its already a scrum-down. When did we have to tread the minefield about upsetting the IFL and being booted out then? What happened to our rights in law as employees? So much for better terms and conditions, parity, freedom of speech, and yer free burger at MacD's. .. Oh sorry.. that's something else. Ah hem. I suggest all posters (even you oh Wise One) change their posting names so they cannot be identified.

    I will laugh when they start to charge our membership direct and the lowest paid teaching staff in the Universe will flee the instutute and burn their T-shirts - cos let's face it, chums, that's what we are still.

    Les Denis is a comedian isn't he? Oh I see...doh

  16. I'm 100% pro the IfL (in or out of the GTC it'll be a pro-pcet association), we've always needed a professional association and the IfL will be as good as its membership.
    I was at the very first and most subsequent IfL meetings, was one of the first to sign up and consequently have a low 30s Fellowship number
    I did think that the original steering committee of the god and the great could have released their grip perhaps a year earlier than they did but we've a fair cross section of members at the helm now.
    They were kind enough to ask me to throw my cap into the ring but Mrs Keeffe won't let me off the farm to attend the meetings.
    Not sure as to eventual numbers of IfL members but if one factors in all the assessors, verifiers, trainers etc out there in the private sector, civil and public services and the forces then [potentially] it's more than just a few.
  17. The article published on January 17, 2008 appeared on the IFL web pages a week later at the end of January. It was from Les Davis of IFL. Like I said before I have given you my proof.Where is yours? I am surprised that you cannot be bothered to read his open letter or know who L.Davis is? By the way he his Deputy Chief Executive of IFL to whom you have signed up with. You are right about a decent discussion. Unfortunatly it is you that is incorrect. I will not be wasting my time on replying to any more of your retorts!

  18. Hi all,

    People are now signing up to be members at a rate of over 1,000/day. Some organisations wish to enrol their staff all in one go ... so very busy at IfL HQ London.

    It is important that your voice is heard at the IfL and I suggest therefore that all members and budding members click the following and find out who your representative is for the particular sector that you tecah in (FE, Prison, Adult, Work Based Learning etc.) at:


    Perhaps we members could start another IfL posting here until the IfL forum comes on line ?

  19. Northern Rock springs to mind!
  20. It was Lee Davies that said that said two thirds still need to sign up before March 2008. The proof is on the IfL website under news and is contained in an open letter.

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