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IfL - Why I'm Paying My £68...And Why You Should Too!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Jude Fawley, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Few have any interest in the IfL re parity because it was nothing to do with the IfL.
  2. The IfL is one of those self-serving bodies that overstate their significance and provide sinecures for for people who should go out and get a proper job. Take a look at the staff pay scales at IfL. Link provided by Lee Davies. http://www.ifl.ac.uk/about-ifl/who-we-are/ifl-financial-information/additional-financial-information-regarding-the-financial-statements

    £400,000 - £450,000 per annum for five chiefs. Based on a compulsory membership regime, that is effectively a levy of £2+ per 'member' to pay these people. The closed shop is morally repugnant and the IfL is bereft of any merit.
  3. Yes, and secured recognition of the right of FE teachers to be seen as qualified to teach in schools through that effort.
    Do you actually know what a Ministerial Standing Group is?
  4. Nope.

    Us teachers don't go in much for all yer fancy book lernin'.

    We is but simple folk
  5. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

  6. Nice work if you can get it but who'd want to work down in London?
    I reckon that they work hard down there at IfL HQ I reckon IfL's worth every penny and compared to another annual profesional affiliation I'm compelled to pay (management/leadership related) to an outfit that does next to nowt for its members and seems to select the rudest folk in the world to staff its phones then the £95 for this year's FIfL subs is an absolute bargain.It's our IfL anyway if someone isn't happy with it then they can always stand for office towards making changes.
  7. Well, I've had a look at the relevant FE Ministerial Standing Group's terms of reference and current membership so I think I am inching towards an understanding of what an MSG is, cheflecturer.
    I realise that it must be hard to believe that I've been able to find this out all by myself without the help and support of the IfL though.
    Regretfully, I am indifferent to the IfL's triumph in securing recognition of FE teachers' right to teach in schools because I already have the requisite qualifications. But I acknowledge that others may find this development very pleasing.
  8. Yes, I can appreciate how resentful school teachers, who for years have nipped of over to FE to earn a few extra quid, must feel now the boot is on the other foot.
  9. No school teacher has expressed any opinion on the matter to me. Perhaps they are indeed seething with indignation - I shall have to ask around.
  10. My apologies, I thought when you said:
    that you meant you were qualified to teach in a school which, by definition, makes you a school teacher. I've yet to meet a lawyer, doctor or even a chef who, if not working as one at that moment in time, would belittle their profession by saying they are not one.
  11. cardoon: if teaching in a sixth form college equates to being a school teacher - which, to an extent, I guess it does - then my own experience of colleagues' responses to the QTS/QTLS decision might be helpful to you. In fact, I've found that most colleagues are simply unaware of what Michael Gove has decided. I personally know that he accepted what Professor Wolf recommended because I follow posts and threads on this site and, speaking entirely for myself, I have to say that I'm very pleased that lecturers in FE now have wider career opportunities available to them. I'm not resentful in any way; contrary to what cheflecturer might suppose (or assume).

  12. The WEA: between a rock and a hard place - break the law or lose swathes of their tutorial workforce. Not a nice situation to be in.
  13. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    I have heard that a FE College in the North West has also done this. Will it now be followed by the rest of the Colleges like rats deserting a sinking ship?
  14. Ok.. lets have a look at this...
    The IfL got QTLS equal to the school qual. I, like many other lecturers work in FE because they dont want to work in schools. So that's something I dont want to pay for. As for your list.
    CEO gave a speach - so what?
    Dept CEO elected for plumbing - good for him/her
    IfL congratulated a few people - so sorry i missed that... must have been a ball
    There's now a president of a **** organisation - great!
    Some stupid people have lost their nerve and given in to the IfL bullies
    As for the Bureaucracy reduction - they are the Bureaucracy!!!
    I think that you have just sent £68 in the post... that you should have just flushed down the toilet. Sorry pal... hey you could alway bounce the check. Might not be too late
  15. What about this... £68 est fee... 800000 teachers =
    £54,400,000........ i think even a blind chimp could get more results for that kind of money!
  16. LOL, LLovell, your post was so funny and true!
    I confess that I paid the £68 renewal fee but only because I'm leaving my current job and want to avoid a lot of aggro about why I didn't renew my fees had I decided otherwise (personally, I don't want to bring politics into the interview process because I'd only have a massive rant over it which would do me no favours at all).
    By the way, I can't decide whether the OP was meant to be sarky or not! I took it that way as I cannot believe that someone would actually support the IfL on such flismy grounds, let alone a £68 fee, why have that amount would be overgenerous, especially as the GTC has gone!
    Unless, of course, the OP actually runs IfL or knows the people who do! ;-)
    If so, I have a message for you: Why should I pay £68 a year to an organisation whose licensing process (QTLS) is ludicrously vague?! Neither teachers nor managers (referees) understand what is and isn't supposed to be correct when completing this!
  17. PS. Excuse the typos! I was MAD when I wrote this post. Have =half. Flismy=flimsy.
  18. Have=half. Flimsy. Flipping Typos! [​IMG]
  19. Mistermandolin is a man of serious intent as his fans have noted.
  20. It's incorrect for you to say: "Some IfL members renewed their membership (I'm not sure how many because they don't say)"
    The IfL say "tens of thousands" have paid - but thus far decline to say exactle how may. Is this because this figure only amounts 10% of their 200,000 members?
    According to the IfL, 90% haven't paid!

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