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IfL ..... the final, final straw!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheeryguy, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Could not agree more with the above two postings.

    It is a sad reflection on our society that it produces such 'failures' - people who are at a loss as to what there role in society could be given the chance to learn and develop. I feel their hurt - I was hurt and chucked on the scrap heap after the Army decided it did not want me anymore. Did anyone see the programme about the homeless soldiers living on our streets ?

    No wonder there are complaints about teenagers - many parents of today are the cause and their behaviours are worse and are of no example - no wonder their offsprings are the way they are - there is real need for improved communication about how to be better parents - Some years ago I attended and Open University course on how to be a better parent it was very helpful - the videos taught us a thing or two - I can recommend the Open University.

  2. Christ, VII Form Head!

    Go on then, trace me and get me banned from the IfL.

    You're living in some fantasy world of supposed personal power.

    Did you get the T shirt and a coffee mug from the IfL?

    It really upsets you that a person can put their past criminal offences behind them, go to uni and teacher training college and actually work in the same profession that you work in.

    You can't stop me however much you'd like to do.

    Go on, have a try.

    I bet you can't do it.
  3. I'm sorry Parson, I've never spoken to you before. You must have me confused with someone else.
  4. "It really upsets you that a person can put their past criminal offences behind them, go to uni and teacher training college and actually work in the same profession that you work in."

    Trouble is, you haven't done the first bit - have you?

    Just look at the way you speak to people on here. You are not fit to work in this profession, and I really hope the powers that be continue to prevent you from doing so.
  5. And whilst we are on the facts, 0870 numbers are lo-call, not premium. And the IfL number is 0844 (lo-call) not 0870.
  6. "O870 numbers are lo-call (ha-ha - how very pomo of you), not premium". As a matter of fact, they're not - but since you can never, ever, allow yourself to be wrong - the little self-serving empire you seem to have created for yourself might crumble and collapse - you are Absolutely Right and I beg your forgiveness, oh mighty one. Actualy, I couldn't give a toss about whether the Ifl has one, answers its phones, doesn't answer its phones, has loads of staff or just a couple of people. It is an irrelevance to all but people such as your good self - p1iss-taking, vile, unforgiving, bullying, tw@ts (and that's you, that is, on one of your better days).
  7. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    Well, what a mess has been made of this thread.

    My posts have been removed for no more than on one calling unnamed minions at the IfL 'sick twisted fcukers'. Hardly a major issue when one considers the sort of direct attacks on individuals that go on on here.


    On my other posting some IfL phone numbers which are freely available to everyone anyway were, I assume, the reason.

    These including the 0870 7577894 Switchboard number.

    VI Form Head:

    What's all this talk of me being a violent criminal?

    I am an EX OFFENDER. You calling me a violent criminal is a denial of the justice system in this country.

    You seem to be very mixed up about my past. I am an EX OFFENDER who then, after almost three years of having nothing to do with criminal activity, attended an Access course starting in September 1990.

    I qualified as a Basic Skills teacher in May 1994 gained my B A hons in June 1994 and qualified as a F E lecturer in June 1995.

    I have taught in F E, Community Education, privately and, through supply agencies, in mainstream schools and Scope schools.

    It's now over twenty years since my last criminal conviction.

    To suggest that I am a violent criminal is to deny my ability to rehabilitate myself.

    Slurs like that are the last refuge of the fascist.

    I think that out of the two of us, you have shown yourself to have deep problems when it comes to dealing with people.

    I may say things that are not acceptable to some posters but, you will notice, I don't make allegations about named individuals.

    After your suggestions about my character I suggest you take a good long hard look at yourself and consider whether you should be anywhere near teaching.

    To call me a violent criminal based on a few postings where I condemn the IfL and in response to my general lack of respect for the traditional take on F E is unacceptable.

    I have a right to my opinion on the IfL. I haven't condemned any named person.

    You have had your inaccurateand rant and condemned me as violent.

    I suggest you seek help in addressing your evident problems.

    Just for the record.

    I'll give the IfL a couple of years before it folds due to the general incompetence of its staff and the pointlessness of its existence.

    I would also suggest, as others on here have, that you put up or shut up about your ability to track me down and have my memebership of the IfL revoked and (god knows what you're on) have me banned from practising as a teacher.

    Get some professional psychiatric help.
  8. Facebook style....LIKE!
  9. Jude Fawley

    Jude Fawley Star commenter

    It's quite comical looking back. Of course, everything I said I stand by but, considering the typos and spelling, I must have had hold of some decent weed that week.
    I don't swear nowadays.

  10. Ah! There is nothing like good old hypocrisy is there VIth Form Head?

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