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IfL ..... the final, final straw!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheeryguy, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Over to you, Mr IFL Council member?
  2. "I do pretty well a full week's work for 12 hours pay!"

    This scandal is going on every day, I found myself in a similar position a while ago and also left that job. Little wonder that College Principals and Vice-Chancellors are getting huge pay rises.

    This disgraceful example of poor management needs to be exposed to the wider population who are funding it via the tax system.

  3. housesparrow

    housesparrow New commenter

    "I do pretty well a full week's work for 12 hours pay!" ... so true for part-timers who are also often hourly paid with no job security.
  4. Just stop!

    At some point, even those who joined the profession for all the right social reasons have to just stop.

    Stop doing free work. Stop putting your job before your health, your sanity and your family life.

    If that means you go in to a class less prepared, without a lesson plan, etc... so be it. Join the club.

    At some point you have to either figure out a faster way of doing things so you can have your life back, or admit you are already on maximum efficiency and you are expected to do more than is possible.

    If you are already on maximum you need to decide what is actually important, and what you need to drop.

    One could argue that my students are somehow disadvantaged because I don't devote all my free time to them as well. I disagree. They have a tutor who is not yet running on empty. They have a tutor who is not about to go off sick. Sure I worry about their progress, sure I stress that some are behind, but I do not add to that with piles of stuff there is not time for, and for which I am not getting paid.

    At some point you have to draw the line yourself. Decide what can and should be done, and what can wait (wait forever in some cases), and get some portion of your life back.

    Meanwhile - I am conducting some more thorough research than the latest results from the UCU stress survey for my GDTLLS indpendent research project - if you want to tell it how it is for you, head on over to:


  5. God Dr Becks
  6. Sorry I'm not very good at these things, I'll try again.

    God Dr Beckskill, you could be describing me - except I am not a scientist, I teach business and ICT. I've been doing between 12 and 15 hours per week for the last three years, but still my college won't front up the fact that they need more full time teaching staff. There are 5 full time lecturers in the department and twelve of us teaching part time - over 100 hours a week part time. It's a disgrace.

    Rant over, I should say hello as I'm quite new here, started reading yesterday. Found the site after googling the IfL, there's loads of stuff about it here. I was interested in learning more because I am being bullied to join or not get any more teaching in September. On top of that I've been told if I don't get a teaching qualification in the next two years I am out anyway. How can they afford to throw away highly qualified and experienced experts like us because of a pointless and valueless piece of paper saying we can teach. It's all a bit of a farce really, isn't it. I get good observation grades, my students achieve (generally) but apparently I am not a teacher because I have not joined some mickey mouse government registration scheme and I do not have some poxy government detols certificate saying I can teach. Even the name, detols, what are they trying to do disinfect us?

    As for the Ifl, the first google hit I got was from a site I use quite a lot as an ICT expert, publictechnology.net.


    Apparently they have been taken over by some government person to make sure they do exactly what the government tells them to. It was in the FE Focus last week too, they called her a mandarin which is media code for government mouthpiece. On its website the IfL talks about it being teacher lead, doesn't look like it does it, it is government lead now.

    And what's all this about a code of conduct and discipline? Bullying, that's what it is. Bullying and more unneeded stress, no wonder people are leaving lecturing in droves.
  7. Teaches ICT....I would make two observations:

    1. It is a national requiurement for all FE teachers to become professionally qualified. Individual managers in colleges do not have discretion over this.

    2. There is also a legal requirement to convert "fixed-term" posts into "permanent" (usually, fractional) posts after people have completed 4 years of fixed-term. I suggest you, and your colleagues, talk to your UCU rep about this. Many staff in FE appear to be unaware of this change to employment law.
  8. thank you for that Cheeryguy.

    On the latter, it seems to be largely ignored - is this enshrined in employment law?

    On the former, I don't really care where the stupid requirement comes from, fact is it will decimate experts wanting to teach in colleges.
  9. Have just left the FE nightmare myself.

    I couldn't stand the strain any longer and I was becoming a **** teacher. I couldn't survive on the wages and resented the three inspections in 14 moths and endles, endless paperwork.

    What have they done to it? The teachers lose and the student suffers.

  10. TeachesICT - it is ignored by certain college managers because of the ineptitude of UCU and their local/regional reps. Make their life hell, I suggest (speaking as a manager! - in a college where, incidentally, staff are tranferred on to permanent contracts as a matter of course).
  11. Along the same lines, I was new to FE in September. I work as a Tutor/Assessor and get paid for 11 hours a week. What a joke! At first I loved it,visiting and working with the students. That was until the reality of paperwork set in. I left Primary school support as I felt I could no longer stand working directly with children and was very unhappy. But the amount of hours I work to what I get paid are, as I say, a joke. The thing is nobody mentions it. I recently raised the issue at a meeting and everyone just dropped their heads! I too have had to join the IFL. Seems the problems in FE are across the board. Anyone else delivering Train to Gain? Ha Ha Ha!
  12. "I recently raised the issue at a meeting and everyone just dropped their heads!"

    Yes, because they all know the situaion is a disgrace but nobody wants to rock the boat and risk their own position.

    It is exploitation which relies on your goodwill and desire to do the job properly. Because you have a professional approach you feel obliged to give your own time for free in order to complete things. The work gets done, students succeed and the Pricipal and senior management get awarded pay rises because they appear to be running the college so efficiently. Meanwhile you suffer and are underpaid.

    The best thing to do is to leave and get a permanent job that pays a living wage.
  13. Hear hear, Mr J.

    I was made redundant 3 years ago after over 30 years in FE and after 6 months found a new job that now pays more than I was on then (after a series of frequent and generous pay rises) and has about one tenth of the stress. I have evenings and weekends that are mine to do what I want with - and fun when I'm at work too.

    On reflection it was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had such a **** employer.
  14. IFL - Just what I always wanted. An organisation as obsessed with portfolios as the exam boards are.

    I qualified as an FE Lecturer way back in the days when there were decent pay scales and decent holidays! To be a lecturer was to be like a teacher, but with a tad more credibility in the 'real world'. The IFL doesn't consider me to be 'subject specialist' qualified as I left and came back after 2002!

    The beginning of the end was 1993 when colleges no longer were linked to the FEFC and went independent. Lecturers at the time who took a paltry quantity of cash lost their rights to decent pay scales and holidays. NATFHE were in a nutshell utterly useless! All new entrants to FE since are at the mercy of financially driven colleges as to what pay and holidays they will receive.

    I left FE in 1993 to go into secondary and immediately received a 3.5K pay increase as I went to the top of the teachers' pay scale. In 2006 after a variety of different teaching posts I returned to FE after being made redundant from a private school. I considered the move to be a good one (I had no other options at the time) until I was told what my pay and conditions were.

    35 days holidays! & pay that equates to my pay when I entered secondary for the first time in 1993!

    Apparently, my position on the pay scale 22.5K was normal. I have 20 years experience in colleges and the secondary sector and a Masters Degree in Education.

    The UCU members at my college and there are many were unaware they had been called to strike today! As an NUT member in FE I think I was the only person in my college to strike. The Vice Principal smugly assured me, 'that none of his staff would be in such a union.'

    To conclude my ramblings / ranting, colleges are in a mess, The UCU is less than useless & IFL a poorly timed bad taste joke. Apart from that I'm enjoying my day off with no pay as the sun has started to shine and I might venture out for a pint and toast both teachers' and lecturers' good health at lunchtime. At least my earnings will be almost unaffected as I earn so little anyway.

    Cheers - I'd even buy you one, but you're probably at work!

  15. pixel

    pixel New commenter

    They cheer me up immensely.
    I have my initial email after I joined online promising to send out my pack.
    I have my "Sorry we didn't send out anything we'll do it now" email. I have my "Oops did we still not send it?" email.
    And now 8 months on, I have a "Hmmm, I'm sure there was a pack and certificate around here somewhere..." email.
  16. If you all hate it that much, why not ****** off and leave it to the majority who don't?
  17. Nice attitude, no wonder you are a single voice.

    If you make the effort to read and understand the posts you will see that most people just want to do a good job and earn a fair living wage. People are not complaining about the job, they are complaining about the way they are treated.

  18. Operating a (premium rate) 0870 number, not answering the call and failing to get you to "hold the line while we play you some music for 15 minutes before cutting you off" - now that's what I call world-class incompetence.
  19. Jude Fawley.

    A couple of points:

    1. You are not a professional as, as far as I understand it, you are a particularly violent offender who wishes to work with some of the most vulnerable adults in our society. You have been unable to move on from your offences, preferring instead to blame the world and his wife for your 'plight' - rather than face the reality. You are unemployable in this sector because you are an offender. Your tone and language on this forum alone would prevent me from employing you in any form or capacity, I would not employ you to clean excrement from the staff toilets.

    2. If you are a member of the IfL and your identity can be traced through this forum, I will be making a formal complaint against you for bringing the profession into disrepute. I will do this for two reasons; primarily because I think your vile contributions to this forum do nothing but harm the profession and secondly because you do not come across as the kind of individual who should be allowed any where near children, vulnerable adults or, indeed, any learner. I hope there is enough evidence of your malpractice to expel you from membership and prevent you from ever damaging the life of a learner.
  20. I cannot believe that some of the foul and abusive tripe posted on this thread is from professional FE lecturers. If this is representative of the type of people we have teaching in colleges then we really are in a mess.

    Red boxed!

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