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IfL on TES

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Lee.Davies, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    Alan asked if IfL would like to pick up some of the issues raised on the forum, so herre I am in my 'official' capacity. Some of you will know that I have used the forum for many years, going back to my time in adult and community learning.
    For those who don't know me - I joined IfL in the summer of 2005, having been given the fantastic opportunity lo lead all of its work as both a voluntary professional body (we still are such a body for a large number of our members) and to prepare the infrastructure for IfL taking on its regulatory role in September 2007.
    I am a plumber by trade, starting out in FE as a part-time plumbing lecturer at Highbury College in Portsmouth in 1987. With the 90s being a time of continuous deconstruction and reconstruction, I was afforded a number of chances to develop my career at Highbury, eventually under the guidance of one of the most inspirational Principals of that challenging period. Senior Lecturer > Head of Division > Head of School > when I left Highbury in 1999 I had a senior leadership role for curriculum development and innovation.
    I then had six wonderful years as District Secretary of the Workers' Educational Association's Thames and Solent District. I came to work for the WEA through an innovative project I was leading in Portsmouth in the late 90s to bring non-schedule 2 (that's non-accredited/informal) learning to those traditionally disengaged from FE.
    I joined IfL as a member late 2004 (I'm member 517) as I have a passion for the professional identity of teachers and trainers and a long-standing vision for teaching and training to be seen as the free-standing profession it so clearly is. The rest is (recent) history.
    I'm here to try and respond to those IfL related questions that pop up with increasing frequency and am looking forward to having a mature, considered discussion with many of you.
  2. We are not worthy......


    Seriously - you are most welcome Lee (though I know you've been here ages anyway).
    Just hope you can take the stick you are bound to attract - but then again, you always had broad shoulders!
  3. Welcome, officially, Lee.
    Gird your official loins.... Let's Get Ready to Grumble

  4. Please could you tell me my user-name and password for the on-line IfL site?
  5. I can do that ... or you could just simply follow the instructions, so cleverly worded.
    Your user name is your email address or your membership number, it is the "Membership Number or Email Address:" above the log in box that gives it away. Your password is the one you set for yourself, if you can't remember it (or believe you've never set one) I'd try the "I do not know my password" that is ingeniously placed right next to the password box.
    I dunno - we get the opportunity to speak to someone senior in IfL ... do you ask about parity, about CPD, about professional formation ... no, you ask him for your password.
    Welcome to the asylum, Lee
  6. It's Sunday Witchy. A day for rest and ironic good humour.
    I'll ask all the stuff about parity, CPD and professional formation tomorrow. Honest.
  7. I have said all I have to say about the IfL, and we have talked before Lee, so there is nothing further to discuss. I disapprove of your organisation and that is my choice. Yes, 'choice' - an important human entitlement that you would prefer to deny us teachers. I have no respect for the IfL and I have yet to see what good it has done. Sorry, nothing personal, at least you have your sicophants.
  8. Why is it that when I ask a question via my IFL account, I never get an answer?

    I want to find out the status of my 1st year of a 2yr PGCE (PcET) (successfully completed in Wales) yet no-one seems to be able to give me a definitive answer.
    I am now teaching in England but the options available to me in the Qualifications area on teh IFL site do not seem to recognise a part qualification which - by the way- has already awarded me a Certificate in Competence to Teach. I have sent an email twice now to IFL and no-one has bothered answering.
    It's bad enough that, having completed one year, I have to complete further Accreditation for Prior Experience and Learning because the university I am now with does not recognise what I have done as being enough to gain full exemption for year 1. I could really do with some definitive answer form you to my relevant question - is my 1st year of the PGCE (PcET) studied in Wales at University of Newport (which gives me a Certificate of Competence) a recognised stage in the training process - just as Pttls, Cttls and Dttls are. If not, why not tell me instead of being silent?

    This whole system seems ludicrous - I agree that we should be recognised as professionals and, therefore, be part of a professional body. What I do not agree with is not communicating with your members or, more importantly, blatantly ignoring them You 'awarded' me Affiliate membership yet I have been told by former tutors that my one year completed study is equivalent to the CTTLS which, I believe, would entitle me to Associate membership.

  9. I'll try ... none, no status whatsoever apart from the fact that you are half way through a Welsh PGCE. No different to being half way through a PGCE at an English university. You need to find a Uni that will offer you APL towards a DTLLS based PGCE/Cert Ed, that's not an issue for IfL, in fact you are better off contacting the LLUK helpline.
    It is certainly not equivalent to CTLLS, CTLLS is a freestanding qualification at level 3 or 4, not part of DTLLS. It shares some components, such as all of the PTLLS elements, but has more differences.
    In terms of what is equivalent to what, that is a matter for Standards Verification UK, not IfL. http://www.standardsverificationuk.org/3600.htm
  10. Choice..........
    Interesting concept..........
    Can you choose to:
    • Drive a car without a licence?
    • Work as a gas fitter without being registered?
    • Travel on public transport without paying?
    • Knowingly defame someone?
    • Practise medicine without being qualified?
    The answer to all of these is, of course, yes you can choose to do these things, but in doing so you step outside of the boundaries society sets. The basic human right to choose (taken from an associated post of yours) - there is no such right.
  11. Yes I could chose to do all of these things.
  12. Furthermore I would if I believed it to be the right thing to do.
  13. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Sorry witchy, yours a spurious arguments, and you know it. The IfL is not a "professional" body, it is more of a closed shop that requires compulsory membership. It does not represent its members interests in any way. The arguments have been given on various threads before. And this is supposed to be for Robert E Lee to write on, not you witchy, we have had your butt icking before.

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