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IFL - No longer compulsory to be a member

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cariadwch, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. At the end of the day, this Bbarneybeans character is a one-topic poster spreading yet even more disinformation about the IfL.
    The IfL had NO impact upon the quality, standards or professionalism in teaching. They spammed you a terrible magazine twice a year and would indulge in some data-entry (CPD collection) on your behalf. OFSTED have (arguably) more impact upon the standards and quality of provision in any FE college than the IfL could ever dream of. This is the sad reality of it all and now the IfL is voluntary it will shrivel and die like it deserves.
    Us professionals will defend any erosion of working conditions, as we should, through our unions.
    The subject of a professional body in FE will need to discussed but the IfL was not it. This is simply a step in the right direction.
  2. Glad to see you have come around to this point of view

    Oh good grief.......you aren't really rational on the subject of IfL are you barney?
  3. Rational=
    1. Having or exercising the ability to reason.
    2. Of sound mind; sane.
    3. Consistent with or based on reason; logical: The only logical arguement is to support the efforts of the IfL to promote professionalism in the sector. Look what they have done already. QTLS=QTS and a place to easily record our CPD.
    The real question that you should be asking, is where is all the money really going?
  4. Rational=
    1. Having or exercising the ability to reason.
    2. Of sound mind; sane.
    Yup, that's what I meant

    Look what they have done already. QTLS=QTS and a place to easily record our CPD.
    But as I already explained, QTS wasn't/isn't relevant to all FE lecturers and as for having a place to record CPD......they wanted £68 to act as a filing cabinet?
    Sorry barney, I'm afraid you're on your own. I'm sure they're grateful for your support though.

  5. But, where is the money from FE going...?
  6. Hi

    Is that a yes I need to gain QTLS Still? even though no jobs as am reluctant to do it for free (volunteering) plus not gained much experience due to a bad working environment/experience been out of it for 1.5years.

    Am blowed if I am going to give it up though.
  7. No QTLS will soon cease to exist..a great loss for the professionalizing of the FE workforce.
  8. So what were we all before QTLS? A bunch of uneducated savages?
    The requirements for obtaining QTLS, apart from paying IfL enormous amounts of money for the rest of one's life (without doing which one evidently reverts to uneducated savagery) boil down to a page of self-praise plus evidence (which the IFL may or may not verify) of qualifications already obtained. If that' s what makes a briliiant teacher, I'm quite happy to forgo brilliance and save my IFL fee money for a better purpose - not difficult, as any other purpose would be better.
  9. We always come back to the money!!!!
  10. As a staunch advocate of IfL barney, I wonder if you would be prepared to tell us how they made you a brilliant, professional teacher. No mention of money.....
  11. You see, you brought up the money this time. It always comes back to the money.
  12. 'T'aint us that are obsessed with loot, it's IFL. Look at how QTLS shackles you to their cash register. If you don't keep up your membership, you lose your QTLS status.
    Nice logic, that. As soon as you stop paying IFL fees you cease to be a brilliant teacher. So by making you pay annually for QTLS, the IFL is selling brilliance. And you can't even get a reduction - by agreeing to be 50% less brilliant if you only pay half the fee.
  13. I could not agree more with your sentiments. We were all professional before IFL. IFL gave management another stick to beat us with. We were harangued to attend non CPD events with the tempting offer of "you can put it down as 1/2 hour of CPD for your IFL log" which, in my case, would take an additional 1/2 hour to log on and record... Was this worthwhile? NO! Meanwhile endless missives and glossy brochures would arrive from IFL at what cost? I am afraid that I am delighted that it is no longer compulsory to be a member.
  14. Yes, Pobble, it does - thank you. Rather a scathing indictment of the IfL though isn't it, gillianrowe? Do you actually know what the IfL staff get paid?
  15. So, as we were all held to ransom last year with the scaremongering that if Agency workers did not register with the IFL they would not receive any more contracts, does it mean we have a case of reinbursment of the £68 for two years scam that they put out. [​IMG]
  16. Hi Bobbybromwell, No, sorry I have no idea but suspect they get rather more than I do!
  17. Thank you Pobble, I really have no idea why that happened G
  18. Sue... Given the interrim report there is now no need to register for QTLS.
  19. Indeed, I was a professional manager/teacher before IFL decided they wanted their fingers in my wallet and I will continue to be a professional now, I will just have to do without the support of a magazine (and the hole in my wallet) as this was the only impact the IFL had on me.
  20. This makes no sense at all. What are you talking about?

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