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IFL - Institue for Learning help needed please

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cariadwch, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    Advised by who?
    Its your personal development and YOU are responsible for it - nothing to do with IFL. You should identify implicit CPD for your own development perhaps of your skills and subject knowledge - A course, shadowing, work placement, even an on line tutorial, reading articles or a visit to something related to your subjetc - Like an Art teacher visiting the Tate at the weekend for example.
    You should also identify training opportunities that are directly related to the workplace, although these will of course overlap with the implict CPD. Like your induction, equal opportunities, moderating, exam board presentations, H+S, etc.
    You have to do 30 hours CPD and log it over the year - you don't have to log all the details with the IfL - but while the IfL is still in existance all you have to do with them is just provide a list of what 30 hours CPD you did over the year. Thats the only time you really need to have anything to do with the IfL apart from when they demand their £65 fee that about 75% of members are unlikely to pay this year as the membership think it is useless NuLabour waste of money and should go on the ConDem quango bonfire with the GTC.
    Hopefully this pointles organisation will soon be scrapped by the democratic choice of its membership and your CPD record will just be a matter between you and your employer.
  2. BuryFCA1 - you pose an interesting set of questions. And I note that you're a NQT in a sixth form college. We sixth form bods share this page with colleagues in FE and sometimes things are a bit different for us. Things can certainly get complicated as regards IfL membership: unlike at Gigg Lane where it looks like things couldn't be more straightforward. I see that even Alan Knill's late deperature hasn't stopped your boys knocking on the door of League 1. Good luck for the rest of the season. I hope you do it.
    Here are some things to consider as you ponder your position viz-a-viz the IfL:
    1. If you haven't already, join a union and work closely with it. You've a range to choose from including the NUT, the NASUWT and the ATL. You may well conclude that this is the only professional association you'll need, particularly as membership of the IfL will cost you an additional £68.00 a year.
    2. This being said, you don't really have the luxury of choosing whether or not to join the IfL. As things are - and have been since 2007 - you need to attain QTLS within five years of entering the sector and the only avenue open to you to enable you to do this is a route of professional formation controlled and exclusively overseen by the IfL. If you are successful in getting QTLS they will issue you with a license to teach but they have the power to revoke it if you fall foul of their rules (for example if you fail to declare annual details of at least 30 hours CPD). And there is no other way to attain or to keep your - legally mandatory - QTLS status other than through the IfL. It's a 'closed shop' in other words.
    3. When you join the IfL they'll certainly promise you 'Benefits', 'Status' and 'Voice'. To see what this amounts to in practice check out all of the threads and posts on these 'FE-General' pages with 'IfL' or 'Institute for Learning' in them. This may take a while but you may deem it well worth it when you've done it. Many posters are openly hostile to the idea of IfL membership - particularly since the £68.00 annual fee was introduced - and many ex-members, such as myself, left long ago. It's important to get a balanced picture, though, and there's certainly one poster who has defended the IfL to the hilt. Check out his posts and weigh up the tone and quality of his pro-IfL arguments against those of its detractors. With lots of members leaving the IfL or having their membership status revoked for non-payment of fees your IfL future may well belong with fellow-professionals like him. Consider how you feel about this.
    4. Don't forget that laws change. Although currently you need to be an IfL member in order to gain QTLS this may not always be the case. Get your union to fight your case. It may be, for example, that your employers can be persuaded to stump up the £68.00 (Although many posters on these pages are understandably unhappy with the future implications of this). There are even reports of more enlightened employers allowing you to teach without your being an IfL member at all. Many of us left long ago and we're still working in the sector - unmolested and free of the shackles of a burdensome so-called professional body that we didn't want or need.
  3. Can you not just pay the GTCE instead - half the fee and no obligation to record CPD...???
  4. Can't you join GTCE instead?
    Nice to see people are so on the ball. GTCE is in the process of being abolished. School-teachers will instead be subject to a regulatory regime decided by ministers rather than a (however imperfect) professional body.
  5. The GTCE will be around until March 2012. As for the regulatory regime being decided by ministers rather than a professional body - well, hasn't it always been? Ofsted, teacher qualifications, class observations - these seem to operate whether or not a professional body, perfect or not, exists.
  6. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    I am a union rep in a Sixth Form College. This is the advice received re joining the IfL:
    <font face="Arial,Arial" size="3">
  7. Um, no. I am proof to the exact opposite.
    I have QTS. I work in an FE college. I lecture "traditional" A-level subjects. I am earning almost 30% more than I would be earning in a secondary school. I am also earning 15% more than a prestigous independent school in the area (I know for a fact as I attended for interview).
    I am not registered with the IfL and my college is NOT taking action against any lecturer that has not registered.
    Please don't make such sweeping statements.
  8. Who, what, when??
    You may need to explain this one as it doesn't follow on from what went before!
    So you are earning more money - good for you!
    And you are not registered with the IfL - so what? Many people who IfL say should be are not!
    As the whole thing is in flux who knows if your college is making good or bad choices.....
  9. Was simply a reply to this post
    "...and yet if you have QTS a degree and work in FE teaching exactly the
    same A Level subjects (for a lower salary) you have to pay!"
    I am in that boat and none of what was said applied to me at all.
  10. But as it stands currently, technically, you do have to join and may soon have to pay, regardless of what your employer says - they are on dodgy ground there by the way.
    All of no import of course if the IfL are disbanded!
  11. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Thanks - this is very helpful - any news on QTLS, QTS, FE/SCHOOLS/Sixth Form parity (or not).
  12. Having read our contracts of employment it seems someone up high made a boo-boo and there is nothing in there dictating our employment is conditional upon our registration with any "professional body" so no, won't be paying any time soon. =)
  13. Then goodbye.
    I'll think you will find law takes precedent over an employment contract.
  14. Oh don't say that out loud! Just don't!!
    I am still waiting for ATL etc to come up with a something that is sensible and for the IfL and all other interested parties to make a joint statement....
    I'l see you in 2532, somewhere around the end of August, maybe!

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