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If you teach AQA science at GCSE, can you help please?

Discussion in 'Science' started by juhi, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    Please can you tell me how does your department intend to teach the various AQA modules to year 10 and 11 from september 2012 for triple, additional and core students.

    We are planning to do core in year 10 and additional in year 11 but not sure how to spread modules for triple given they have to take all their exams at the same time.....

    Many thanks for any help offered and hope you all have a stress free term till Easter :)

  2. Hi

    We are in the same situation, we will be teaching the core and additional as you. The triple poses the main problem however we do not yet know what the exams boards will offer, they could have fewer or longer papers so I am going to wait until we have some news from them.

  3. Hi,
    Triple science in my school is split up i.e 5 lessons for each over 2 weeks. This however does have to be used as one option.

    Hope it helps a little bit!

    Macauley :)
  4. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    OCR have said they have no plans to change anything - seems unfair on the Triple pupils!
  5. sadscientist

    sadscientist Senior commenter

    Sorry but there is no doubt here - the exam boards, AQA included, can only offer all exams taken at the end of Y11 for Triple Science students. Biology, Physics and Chemistry are discrete GCSE qualifications for Triple Science - and all exams must be sat at the end of the course.
    This makes Triple Science a tough option now.
  6. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    It seems unlikely that any exam board will be changing anything as these specifications will be phased out from September 2014 with the new National Curriculum.
    As the exams will only be offered in June of next year the only option centres will have in completing some of the exams earlier is if they teach one of the subjects completely and examine it in Yr 10. Otherwise all the students will have to do everything at the end.
    My centre decided to move away from GCSE Triple science to the new AQA certificates which are examined at the end anyway and do not have these delightful new ISAs to deal with. We have fouind that switch has given us more teaching time (due to a reduction in the ongoing exams, including ISAs, taken throughout the course) and an increase in the amount of practical work being completed.
  7. The only possible solution we can see so far for triple science is to teach all 9 modules over the two years to be examined at the end of year 11 but am i underestimating my kids in thinking this will be too much for them???

  8. The AQA Certificates do sound good - but the only problem is that they can't be used for EBacc or for any other performance measures, which is a bit of a problem.
    Seems that's an AQA issue - the Certificates offered by Edexcel and by CIE do both count for performance measures.

  9. sadscientist - the exam boards are going to change the length of the papers and possibly the number of papers for each GCSE. That is what I meant when I said see what the exam boards have to offer!!
    At a meeting I went to they are well aware the problems the 100% terminal exam rule will have on the number of exams students will be entered for. Hence my waiting and seeing.......
    The new NC could have a big effect on us - we just have to wait and see..... again.....

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