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If you had a TARDIS, where/when would you go, and who with?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by CuriousHistory, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. *wheezing FX*

    Aargh! My back!

  2. Hello Curious - not seen you around for a while.

    What do you think of the doctor going then?
  3. Well being in Scotland I would go back and make sure there werent so many teachers that i couldnt get a job. Put right what once went wrong and hope the next leap - will be the lead into a job.
  4. Negative: I'd take certain subjects in one of my classes with me to umpteen hundred years in the future and leave them there so I don't have to deal with them anymore.

    Positive: I'd go back to 2003 and get together with that girl that was on my floor in University.

    Who I'd save: I thought Ghandi, but I might save Jesus from being crucified and take him to the future sometime. That'd take a lot of religious hassle off our backs (and probably dump a lot more on in the process, I know! Life is hard like that)
  5. Hi Lev

    Got a bit fed up with the will he/won't he? RTD might have hit on a great formula to keep tabloid interest from the middle of Season 1, but it's been getting a bit threadbare.

    Anyway, thought DT would go, because they must be running out of ex-girlfriends and/or female flatmates to be guest stars.....

    MasterCH is not happy with the thought of a female Doctor. In particular, not happy with the suggestion it might be Alex Kington, 'cos he didn't like her as Doctor River Song. I personnally would have no objection to Little Miss Doctor's Daughter getting the part.

    Bah, humbug, etc

    Mind you, the jigsaws on the website are a harmless diversion, and don't take up space on the dining table.

  6. No. But there's no room on the dining room table for jigsaws anyway, is there?
    What with the books.
    And books.
    And books.
    And, er ... books.

  7. I think Mrs Not-so would like a cleared dining table for Christmas lunch! If you were wondering what to get her that is ...

    Otherwise you had better get that Tardis moved to a time where you don't have a broken nose!
  8. Given I'm the one cooking Christmas lunch, she'll be lucky.

    and she never hits me where the marks show, so my nose is safe (I think).

    However, you have given me an idea - I should move the TARDIS to a point after I have finished recataloguing my library. (Not-so's mini-me has observed that we don't have a dining room, we have a library with a dining table in the middle. Everyone's a critic).

    Here's another theory for the identity of the next Doctor: Patrick Stewart or Anthony Head. They've both starred in iconic US cult sci-fi/fantasy shows, and their both coming to the end of their current gig....

    Are the levs looking forward to the Christmas Special?

  9. "their both"?!! Curious, how could you? And in public, too!
  10. Oh dear.

    I'm being stalked by a Grammar Fascist. I knew I shouldn't have fed her....


  11. Hey Curious - did you see the Doctor Who Proms?

    Kids loved it - now about to get all their musical instruments out trying to recreate it.
  12. Lev

    No, didn't watch it this year, TPs too busy playing computer games. Saw the Christmas special, though. That was fun - wonder if the big in-joke is that David Morrissey will really be the next Doctor. After all, Time Lords can choose the the aspect of someone they've met (Peter Davidson into Colin Baker and Mary Tamm into Lalla Ward). Be even better if it was Derlva Kirwan - bit of Irish totty is always a good thing.

    Got to go to start cooking - I have work tomorrow (it's alright for these teachers with their great long holidays where they get paid for doing nothing, etc, etc [​IMG] )

  13. Ah you missed a treat - try and catch it on i player - the look on the kids' faces in the Albert Hall when a cyberman appeared next to them was priceless.

    Off to do my non eixtent planning - whilst I am ill too - of course everyone else was ill last week of term - me I save it for the holidays!
  14. Will do that.

    I am a bit worried that DW is losing momentum in the CH household. Waiting for the specials is not the same as having a regular weekly family watch. There was interest rather than excitement this Christmas, and by the time the next series runs in 2010, Master CH will be nearly 16. Miss CH is a great fan of Sarah Jane, though. (I still haven't got round to watching the Brig's guest appearance, which is remiss of me.)

    Apparently the identity of the new Doctor is to be revealed tomorrow (1735hrs, Dr Who Confidential). If Small CHs don't like the choice, that could be the end. Five rounds rapid, to coin a phrase.
  15. Eldest Lev will be 14 next week - he wouldn't come and sit downstairs with the rest of the family to watch the Christmas Special saying it was babyish.

    However, I just caught him watching it in secret on i player - and he admitted he still loves it really - so there is hope for you!
  16. Think that's what'll happen to us - everyone will watch it, but not all in the same place, at the same time, like the good old days.

    Still, I have managed to get everyone simultaneously around the same meal table twice this holiday, so that's an achievement.

    not_so has pointed out that if we don't like the choice of new Doctor, we'll have a whole year for the shock to wear off. Very sensible. (not_so would make a good Companion - cute, witty, clever, idiosyncratic dress sense, tolerant of highly intelligent, otherwordly older men....)


  17. Hah ha lmao - sounds like our house that does - and we're radical and aim to sit at a table too! had higher success rate than you though!

    If i don't get chance to tune in to find out who the doc is - and God forbid I don't then have to do a Celebrity Big Brother and google them! - well let me know who it is OK!
  18. A Doctor saddled with not_so and leviosa as companions? Poor bloke would probably have to retire.

    The new Doctor is apparently some child called Matt Smith. Not impressed. Neither is Miss CH - says she's going to watch the DT specials and then give up. Master CH couldn't be bothered to watch DW Confidential, so don't know his opinion yet. Ever the voice of reason, not_so reckons we should see how this Smith person actually presents as the Doctor before passing judgement. Where's the fun in that?

    The media cynic in me wonders if choice of a young actor is to try and improve the show's ratings in the States - apparently Torchwood does better than DW over there (wonder why, nothing to do with a good-looking American lead, surely they wouldn't be that parochial?)

    DW Confidential is worth a look for all the archive footage of the REAL Doctors.

    Had a spin-off conversation with Miss CH about who is the best-known companion (character, not actor). Decided that Sarah-Jane was. Rose and Jamie probably the runners-up. Was watching "The Time Warrior" on Friday (SJS's first appearance), and she was a rather engaging little thing back then.
    Logistics of dinner-table meals awkward during termtime weekdays, but must perservere.

    I wonder if you took the TARDIS back and stopped Michael Grade (surely the MAster in an undetected incarnation) cancelling DW, whether Chris Ecclestone and David Tennant would still have eneded up playing the Doctor (after all, you can only interfere with reality up to a point)?

  19. Eldest Lev hasn't deigned to comment yet.

    Littlest Lev was quite happy as he says he really liked him in the Ruby thing he watched.

    Mummy is reserving judgement as she has a bit of a thing for the old doc!

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