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If you are all back in school - how is it going?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by CabbageWhite20, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. CabbageWhite20

    CabbageWhite20 Occasional commenter

    (A sequel to the ‘I wonder if we will get back’ thread)

    We have all UK pupils who want to be back on site again now. Almost 100% of day pupils and some boarders in the prep.

    The atmosphere is very positive - I’ve never seen children so enthusiastic about being in school.

    We’re in a rural area that has seen very few cases. Some staff have reservations about returning like this but parents seem thrilled.
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    We are opening to all next week...all timetables and plans are in place.
    We don't yet have any idea how many parents will actually send their children in!

    If we find we keep the low numbers, then I assume we'll go continue as we have been.

    We currently haven't a clue what will actually happen next week.

    Preprep is very positive and staff working together to support each other. Prep less so.
    So some things are back to normal then! ;)
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  3. CabbageWhite20

    CabbageWhite20 Occasional commenter

    In practical terms returning is different depending on pupil age. In the pre-prep it is non-stop but the flip side is that you can feel in control of your bubble. Once you’re into older year groups and specialist teachers with someone (pupils or staff) having to be moving between groups frequently then there are different stresses at play. If members of staff are worried about virus transmission then that will create anxiety.
  4. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    We (pre-prep and prep) are open to all and the vast majority have sent their children in - 400+ souls back. We haven't simply returned to the old timetable though so we don't have specialist teachers moving between groups as you describe, we've adopted the class teacher model across the school and are delivering "challenge" work each day set by the HoDs.

    It's pretty lame educationally but it was deemed necessary by the school's leaders in order to shut down the loud minority of parents who had spiralled out of control in their dissatisfaction with remote learning.
  5. CabbageWhite20

    CabbageWhite20 Occasional commenter

    i can see why you are doing that - but it sounds really hard work. Are the kids in the same space all day? I imagine that could be tough with older ones.
  6. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    They all have a session of sports per day and several breaks. Year 6 and Year 8 are pretty challenging by all accounts, as they usually are at this time of year anyway ...
  7. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Today is our last day of term. :):D:p

    We've been open for Y10s and Y12s and are teaching a full timetable remotely. I know colleagues are on a rota, perhaps twice a week, they go in. I'm shielding (NHS letter) and am so glad to be finishing up TODAY!
  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Like @drvs we are using the classteacher model and all specialist staff are on furlough.
  9. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Oh. I'm specialist staff but not on furlough ... I have a form to look after!
  10. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    We have all form teachers in teaching their own year group.
    We have more admin and support staff in school than we do teachers at the moment! :rolleyes:

    All form teachers back in school and all year groups back from Monday.
    Then there will be 8 teachers and 8 support staff.

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