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If only 221 teachers were assaulted in 2006, nationally, surely things aren't that bad?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by afterdark, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    It would help it you stopped arbitrarily choosing the smallest numbers.
    The telegraph article has a much more realistic figure of 87,610 for
    "excluded from England's secondary schools in 2005/6 for physical or verbal assaults on teachers"
    You may need to hospitalised before you consider it an assault, I don't.
    The telegraph quote a figure of 2.7% of all pupils.
    Not all assaults are reported. The article goes on to say
    "The Department for Children, Schools and Families, however, insisted
    that exclusions for physical assaults were only a small proportion of
    the total, with the majority for threatening language."
    There is the key phrase "only a small proportion of
    the total".

    I happen to know that some schools have SMT's that pressurise staff in letting minor assaults go.
    Schools actively try to suppress reports about how bad they are.
    Many parents who come into schools are often shocked by the behaviour of pupils.

    Try 90000 assaults for 2009/10
    I find the tite of this thread rather misleading.
  2. Oh dear - missing the point I was trying to make. I know the thread title is misleading as I know that there were more than 20 assaults in my school alone! i found another thread (link above) where teachers think the 221 were just 'assaults'. I thought I made it clear the 221 meant how many were seriously injured in schools, not just assaulted. this makes 221 a lot for a year IMO!!
    Not true - this is as big a misrepresentation of what was said and thought as anyone has said on 'behaviour' - which is saying a lot !! My point was trying to be if teachers think there were only 221 assaults then no wonder the public think we are exaggerating about conditions!! See my last sentence!
    The problem with this statistic is people who consider 'verbal' assaults to be part of teaching, and not relevent or important (I do consider verbal abuse to be important BTW) will leap on this and say " how many of those so-called assaults were 'verbal'. "
    i agree with you about schools btw, don't attack me because you didn't get the point I was making.
  3. "I find the tite of this thread rather misleading" - If you read the title in context, not missing the question mark at the end, nor, incidentally, the original post, then the title's not actually misleading.
  4. LOL they're bickering amongst themselves now ... trying to be 'clever', a challenge too far. [​IMG] Anyway, didn't we have the same old garbage on another thread just the other week?
  5. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    You may consider assaults upon teachers to be garbage, but I don't.
    I am rather disturbed by people taking a small figure of assaults that required staff to be off work as the sum total of all assaults against staff.
  6. "I am rather disturbed by people taking a small figure of assaults that required staff to be off work as the sum total of all assaults against staff" - exactly the point the OP was (quite clearly) making, so that having a go at him is possibly not the cunningest of moves ...
  7. Hi James. I don't think I've seen you posting before so don't know what your school is like.
    You don't know me, I don't know you, so you need to explain your post more clearly.
    Who are the "they"; what part of my post (or anyone's) is "garbage"?
    More detail needed.
  8. Anyway - going back to the stats quoted in the OP:
    On average more than one teacher a day is seriously injured after being attacked in school. This figure alone is shocking IMO. I think I agree with JamesTES that there is 'garbage' quoted, (not that he's very clear what he means), but I think this figure alone shows something is wrong in schools. Teachers need more protection from aggressive students.
    What can be done? Any ideas?
  9. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

    Whenever statistics are thrown about there is a high probability that those statistics are either being misused or are irrelevant.
    JamesTES typically appears on threads to insult certain posters or tell them that they are wrong/dinosaurs/fascists/1950s daily mail readers/insert epithet of choice and then disappears again without making any sort of meaningful contribution.
    When I used the carrot and stick analogy w.r.t behaviour he accused me of wanting to actually take a stick to my pupils. Best ignored
  10. True, but it should be hard to dismiss the statistic that more than one teacher a day, on average, is very badly injured in school in England after being assaulted. That's pretty scary IMO.
    Ah - thanks for the heads up, bigkid. Another poster to be ignored like Raymond, whose tactic of ignoring points he can't/ won't address and focussing on "you may think...*insert something you've never said and don't think - that he's made up* " is as frustrating and unhelpful as it is dishonest.
    Do these posters realise how obnoxious they are - or do they get a kick out of being so rude and unhelpful?

  11. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

    Raymond at least offers advice that people can take or leave. I quite enjoy exchanging views with Raymond. Some of what he has posted has been quite interesting, some of it quite useful.

  12. I'd like to get into a polite, reasonable discussion with him as our opinions and experiences are so diverse. I didn't think he was capable after seeing what he wrote to me. I conceded he had a point, asked if he could see that I did. Apparently this is me saying "you are wrong", not "you have a point, I have an opposing view, both are credible..."
    This, along with his constantly putting words into other peoples' mouths (I never said student teachers or teaching staff could be lying - he made that up) makes me think its pointless entering into a discussion with him.
    If he is politer, less dishonest and more reasonable with you then fair enough. I can't excuse his conduct towards me - an educated adult should know better.
  13. Hi, bigkid, always nice, so close to the festive season, to see your friendly compliments. And a real boy scout too, being helpful to this newcomer, WemAles, by providing your impartial advice. However, turns out it was probably unnecessary, since Wem is a close associate of our old friend Gary, so close in fact that she borrows his laptop whilst he's still signed on to it and posts to TES! So she most likely already had the benefit of Gary's opinions when she was writing above.
  14. I am not Gary - this is the last time I will be responding to your pathetic lies.
    It is possible for posters to know each other in real life (he brought the TES forums to my attention when I first came into teaching).
    How about responding to points people make about teaching instead of this infantile attempt at gossip-mongering, James? Oh, I forgot, that's beyond your abilities. All you can do is abuse, insult and cause trouble.
  15. bigkid

    bigkid New commenter

    Perhaps you could use my post as a model as I achieved something you normally do not (providing advice). Advice is rarely impartial. On the rare occasions you have bothered to offer advice yours certainly hasn't been.
    Well done for avoiding the usual insults though. Christmas spirit perhaps?


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