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IEP Targets!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by spannarich, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. It that time of year again..... Can anyone provide any useful links to banks of IEP targets anywhere on the web? I will re-nvent the wheel if need be - but I'd rather not if there's an alternative!

  2. It that time of year again..... Can anyone provide any useful links to banks of IEP targets anywhere on the web? I will re-nvent the wheel if need be - but I'd rather not if there's an alternative!

  3. Mmmmm "banks of IEP targets! dont quite sit well with the word "Individual" - have always found it best to think of child and write a target?
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  4. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    We now use IEPWriter to write our IEPs. The software comes with strategies as well as targets. Before we moved to IEPWriter, we compiled the list of learning targets which is now at


    Then and now we encourage colleagues to submit targets of their own devising.
  5. DiKadic

    DiKadic New commenter

    I foud this for "my" child
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  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I suspect ' useful ' and ' bank ' are contradictory . I think this is a lazy way of approaching target setting. As a previous poster says ' individual ' is the key word.
  7. IEP Writer was quickly scrapped at our school in place of targets that actually suited the individual child.
  8. We use Bsquared in our school as an assessment tool and also to write the children's IEP's. You still have to basically rewrite the target once clicked you've on it to make it individual to each child and also have to do all the strategies etc but it works ok. As long as you are clicking on a objective within the correct subject and P/NC level then you can easily just change all the words, if that makes sense.
    Not sure how much Bsquared costs but we all use it regularly so school have invested in it. I suppose if you're mainstream it will depend how many children have SEN and need IEP's to whether it would be worth it.
    Have you heard of PIVAT's? We also use that to assess the Eng, Maths, Science, ICT and PSHE. I know bonkers amount of assessment! But that breaks P/NC levels down into 5/15 progress indicators and those might help you?
    Hope that helps,
    Vic x
  9. duncwilson

    duncwilson New commenter

  10. b15b2y

    b15b2y New commenter

    Thanks to those who posted suggestions...I spotted the post and was keen to read ideas as it is quite an exhausting task.
    The suggestion of writing IEPs for 154 students who receive three targets that are reviewed three times a year is ridiculous.
  11. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Totally agree. Also it takes skill to write a good target and most I have read in my career have been appalling ! Most teachers cannot see what they want as a result of the action . I am really not in favour of comment banks at all but I did do some work around targets / strategies and outcomes which may help you . If you PM me I can send you the spread sheet . It categorises different needs . ( In a former life IEP or PLP -personalised learning targets - were set and reviewed ( met / partially /not met - once a year and the students with them were the recipients of the routine ARR schedule ... which is how I think it SHOULD be ) . If your ARR schedule is fit for purpose the students should be thus accommodated.
  12. treefrog101

    treefrog101 New commenter

    I have always preferred the word personalised rather than individual to describe a child's targets and curriculum as surely each school has a framework that they work within to prepare a young person for adulthood? I tend to use SCERTs, the AET or B- squared to assess the current level of the young person and next steps and work from there to personalise ensuring targets are broad enough to be worked on throughout the school day and beyond. I don't think it is lazy at all to draw on knowledge from experts in the field I think it is good practise to be encouraged.

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