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IEP child - Planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clare1307rabbits, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hi There
    I am working at a nursery providing 1:1 care for a child under an IEP. He has been tested on the Autistic spectrum and they could not find anything wrong. He did have glue ear when he was smaller which was not diagnosed until last year (he has just turned 4). I have been working with him since September and his speech, confidence and interaction skills have come on leaps and bounds.
    I have started to do some number work with him this week. Today I took in a basket of socks, a toy washing machine, pegs and used the nursery clothes airer to count and pair up different socks which he loved and spent half an hour engrossed in (which is a long time for him).
    My question is really with regard to planning. I am studying my NVQ 2 at the moment but have no SEN training and just need some pointers and some ideas of what to do next. It probably seems obvious but I just need some guidance. He can recognise numbers 1 - 5 to point to but has trouble saying them in order. Gets 2 confused with 5 etc.
    Should I just carry on doing these sorts of activities, counting bears etc.
    I have spoken to our SENCO and am waiting for our area SENCO to come in but as yet, am still waiting!

    Thanks and hope I do not sound to silly.


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