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Ideas please!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by calypso, May 27, 2011.

  1. Will you get extra pay for extra work/responsibilities? Has this come from the TAs?
  2. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    We have quite a few Tas in my school with different lengths of service, qualifications, experiences in different areas and with specialised skills accumulated through their own interests/training (outside of school) or through LA training based on their role.
    Some of the different roles we have are below. However, these are not done to separate TAs from each other and both long term and newer Tas are involved.
    * TA delivering a gross motor programme to pupils across the school needing support with coordination (dyspraxic tendencies) This is called 'Fun Fit' in which they trained on a specific course to deliver the programme. carried out each morning for 10 Min's with a group of 8-10 children over a term.
    * TA mentoring NVQ students supporting them and liasing with college instructors
    * Bilingual TA supporting EAL children (particularly Polish children as she speaks the same language)
    * TA with teacher running the school choir
    * Cookery club & ICt club run after school by individual TAs (voluntary)
    TA supporting KS2 children in a' rapid reading' programme 9 Throughout the year but with different children
    * TA supporting children's emotional needs through behvaiour support programme using different strategies/programmes depending on the need of individual. ( Break well anger management cycle/ group work on managing anger/ social stories/ circle of friends
    * TA carrying out a speech and language programme for different groups
    We also have regular TA meetings where we all take a turn in chairing the meetings, share ideas for agenda and have regular problem solving sessions. Our current meetings revolve around EAL training where we have had an outside agency in to give us training and guidance and ideas to support EAL children, teachers and the whole school in creating resources, activities and general support for new pupils.
    So lots going on in the normal day to day running of the school (these tasks are fitted around us all supporting children in class in the mornings where some Ta's will have their own groups for phonics and 10 min mental maths groups each day too). So the extra tasks may be carried out in the afternoons or some mornings.
  3. Hi,

    I work at a special needs school as a level 3 TA. I work in the ASD department and there are not very many girls - about 9 out of a department of 70 children. So i offered to run a PSHE for girls session for the girls to discuss changes, puberty, growing up, personal hygiene, personal presentation, feeling and emotions etc. Using a variety of discussion, practical activities, videos etc. I have planned it myself and am keeping a written account of the lessons so that they can be followed in the future.
    I have also located some AQA awards that tie in with these themes so that the girls can also come away with a certificate to show their learning.

    The girls really seem to be enjoying it as they spend most of their school week being the only girl in their classes!

  4. I run the nurture room at my primary for on call behaviour management support as well as timetabled social skills or mentoring sessions. This was full time for two years but as the need has lessened I now work in class and have timetabled sessions out of class with certain children. Stressful but very satisfying
    I also monitor the attendance and am responsible for all the First Day Calling. As attendance and behaviour can be linked this gave me the ideal chance to strike up a bond with particular families and get them on board for the work I was doing in the nurture room.
    We also have a TA responsible for our library which includes training the Yr6 librarians.
    Another is liason between the school and our local refuge from where we are sent quite a few children.
    A TA is responsible for collating the order for consumable resources before it is passed to the finance officer. Great if you enjoy wading through stationery catalogues but can be frustrating as there is always that teacher who wants something particular but fails to mention it until the delivery arrives!
    Most of our TAs help out with or run extra curricular clubs (voluntarily)
    Good luck with expanding your roles.

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