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Ideas please to encourage writing in reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by catwoman green, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. With a daily writing task, what are your expectations and how do you execute it? I have found it hard to have all children writing at once, but harder to find things for children to be doing whilst they wait their turn to work with an adult, even in a small group. How much independent writing is expected in Reception? Sorry I am new too.
  2. OK Sent!
    Flower power you should have your classroom set up so children can work independently so you can work with a small group.
  3. Hi magmac or shall we call you knight magmac in shining armour?
    Is there any chance you could kindly help out a nqt and please send me your amazing sounding stuff?
    Many thanks
  4. HA! HA!
    OK Sent!
  5. Please could you send me the resources too. Many thanks in anticipation

  6. Sent! Hope they help!
  7. Magmac please could I have a copy of whatever you are sending as everyone seems to have gone crazy for it. apjameson1@hotmail.co.uk thanks
  8. Can you send it to me too please, z.karrim@yahoo.com. Thanks so much for taking the time to help us out.
  9. Could I have a copy as well please.
    Thanks alot!
  10. If it isn't too much trouble please could you send me some of your much thought of resources please :) I'm very keen to have a look at some examples of good practice as I am a student teacher.
    My emails address is emmachristmas@hotmail.com
    Thank you
  11. Please could you send me a copy of your writing resources? I am new to reception this year and writing is a big focus for our unit. Many thanks. (h.stapleton@hotmail.co.uk)
  12. Please could you send me a copy of your writing resources?
    Thanking you in anticipation [​IMG]
  13. Hi there please would you mind sending me a copy of this too as a student teacher and mother of a very reluctant to write 5 year old boy!!! My email is losmend1@chi.ac.uk. Many thanks Lorraine.
  14. Hi,
    Please could you possibly send me a copy of your writing resources?
    My email is sneale14@gmail.com
    Many thanks
  15. I hope I am not too late to ask too. I have just started in reception and desperate for writing ideas. Many thanks.
  16. Hi Magmac,

    Hoping i can get in on your writing area resources please, I'm new to EYFS and need as many ideas as possible to get my children writing!
    Email is:amy.louise.137@gmail.com

    Thank you x
  17. Ok sent! Sorry for the delay everyone!
  18. Please could I have a copy of the writing ideas toO?


    Thank you!
  19. circuskevin

    circuskevin Established commenter

    Want to encourage writing?
    Book me for a circus show!
    I often get envelopes full of thank you letter from the little ones. It's fascinating to read what they all say. I've got quite a few of the letters + pictures stuck on my wall.

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