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ideas/planning for an 'adventures' topic with Reception class?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has an planning..or simply some good ideas for an "Adventures" topic with my Reception class this term?
    We're taking quite a broad "adventures/explorers" theme so we can adapt it as we go along...so far plans are to cover "We're going on a Bear Story" (and act it out in our forest school area), Chinese New Year (and learn about China) and Winter (perhaps some "polar exploration")
    Any good ideas for a role-play area linked to "adventures" ?

    If anyone has any planning to share it would be much appreciated


    Thank you!

  2. Last year we did space exploration as part of our explorers topic too - very popular with the boys!
    Our role plays had to be changed each week so we had a travel agents, a polar explorers station, a space station, a jungle den and a chinese take away.
    The space station was very popular (this year i wrapped the role play area in tin foil which the children loved then they junk modelled loads of buttons and levers etc to add to it) so was the chinese take away - but there was one right next to the school which was run by two of my parents so we got lots of resources (and yummy freebies) from them and was something relevant and real to the children.

  3. Hi Lucy,
    last year i read in Nursery world about setting up different 'posts' outside to retell a story. Such as the three little pigs. The children have directions to follow a route and lo and behold they come across a place where there is lots of straw then continue on the story path to a place where there are sticks and the third place .....yes youve got it has bricks for building. I thought it was a great idea and want to use it myself this year. with a bit of thought so many areas for development.
    Idea number 2: Ive done this lots of times with reception and nursery, Follow up to blue balloon, rainbow balloon, or any other relevant balloon story, Children can send their own balloon on an adventure. They must write their name clearly (best handwriting) for a label, so that if anyone finds it they will know who sent it. Add your school details (stamp) and laminate. Children predict (K&U) where they think their balloon might go. You blow them up with helium and attach their card. Balloons and children go outside and send them on an adventure. Its thrilling and I have always heard from several people who found the balloons.
    Role play: Equipment: pith helmets, magnifying glasses small buckets or bags for collecting, lots of bugs, bark chips, a tunnel and dark material/fake grass/camouflage webbing to cover area set up underneath tables. Children don their pith helmet, enter the dark area via the tunnel and see how many bugs they can find in 1 minute counting and recording their scores on nearby easal- its a bit of Im a celebrity. It worked very well. I'll keep thinking Eve

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