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Ideas on how we can increase A*/A grades

Discussion in 'Science' started by blazer, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    select your intake?

  2. Make sure the investigation that you pick for your coursework is sufficiently stretching so that the kids can get ther very best marks. (If you do investigation coursework)
    Set past paper questions for homework regularly and mark them, either peer marked or teacher marked. Ideally use papers harder than those your students take so for me in chemistry I tend to make them to IGCSE questions and some questions from AS papers eg, atom economy appears in the same form at GCSE and AS level.
    Make your lessons sufficiently challenging which may mean adapting the resources you already have as many from published schemes of work are pitched firmly at middle ability.
    An emphasis on basic skills that are constantly revisited throughout the course eg, balancing equations, atomic structure as these are places that marks can be thrown away on by students eager to get to the harder questions. You also don't want to be revising this near the exams when you could be looking at the A/A* stuff.
    That's the stuff that works for me anyway!
  3. Thanks for this! I know it must all seem like common sense but it is funny how you just never think of the obvious as in my case.
    Will give it all a go. Thanks again.

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