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Ideas in context paper. Add science A- June 2011

Discussion in 'Science' started by varshap, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Pre release material is out for the IDEAS IN CONTEXT paper, for additional science A. The articles are quite complex compared to the 2010 core science context paper. Paper reference: A218/02/RB
    The articles are as follows:
    - P4: Rocket science
    - B6: Brain Power- the frontier of medical research into ageing
    - C5: Copper- not just in mobile phones
    Does anybody have any useful resources to teach this? Possible questions, facts, key topic notes etc. For both higher/foundation candidates.
    Much appreciated. [​IMG]
  2. Hi

    I have made some resources, have you made any to swap?
  3. bogstandardcomp

    bogstandardcomp New commenter

    I'll probably do it at the week end and will put them on resources
  4. I haven't taught the ideas in context before, so any extra help would be really welcome! Is anyone willing to put them on here?
  5. LuisLuis

    LuisLuis New commenter

    We have divided up the articles at our school. I have planned a lesson to prepare students for the Biology article on heart-lung machine for the core Science. I am planning a second lesson as well. I would be willing to share this with anyone who has stuff to offer in return. We are short of volunteers for the Chemistry articles but anything would be gratefully received. Please pm me if you want to share.
  6. thanks a lot to those who have put some up. Now I can see the sort of thing people are doing for it I'm going to have a go too!
  7. LuisLuis

    LuisLuis New commenter

    Posted some resources for the pump head article. Thanks to others who have posted resources!
  8. Do the graphs in P4 make sense? Not being a physics specalist I may be wrong, but they don't seem to link together? Can anyone shed light onto this please?
  9. Check this link for resources - lots of stuff being added all the time.
  10. hi there, great stuff that you have posted, could we also have the answers [​IMG]

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