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Ideas for year 3 formal letter writing?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by littlest4r, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm currently doing the authors and letters unit with my year 3 class. We've been using the jolly postman for informal letter writing and have written a postcard as well as a reply letter to Goldilocks (replying to the letter to the bears). I now want to move onto formal letter writing but am lacking inspiration. Someone suggested that I use dear greenpeace but to be honest I think it's useless. The letters are too short and aren't structured in the way I have shown the children, so I think this would just confuse them. We also looked at Dear Miss but most of those letters are informal.
    I need an idea for a formal letter that the children could write. Preferably a complaint letter but it could be just writing to inform or a letter to an important person. But it needs to be something relevant to them where I can give them some good input first (they are lacking in imagination in my class). Our current theme is rainforests so I have considered tying that in somehow. Other ideas I came up with were linked to this year's jubilee or possibly the Olympics. Any ideas????
  2. Have them write to Michael Gove [​IMG]
    Sorry, I'm no help. Am new to Y3 and the difference between them and Y5/6 is still jumping out and surprising me... And then, as they're such babies, I'm sometimes completely baffled when hardcore stuff like this and like persuasive writing is on their framework. Hope somebody else can help you out x
  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    formal letters can be about any subject///////a;though i fail to see that most year 3 children, let alone any kS2 children, would ever write one
    so if formal then you can do:
    a request.
    a reply to something which you want to learn more about.
    a letter to another class asking them something and they reply.
    writing to thank someone for a present /gift/day out/something done.
    an invitiation to an event
    a lettwer explaining who you are and what you want/have learnt/like/hate etc to a person or even to each other.

  4. Hello littlest4r,
    I'm a Year 3 teacher too, just finished this unit.
    We used 'The Old Woman who lived in a shoe' as a basis for our letter writing (formal and informal) The children created their own books (Jolly Postman style) using the letters they had written. The formal ones were the children writing as a neighbour of the old lady writing a complaint to the council about the noisy/smell/mess from her neighbour, and the other formal was the children writing as the old lady complaining to the roofing company about the leak in her roof.
    I see that your topic is rainforests, maybe you could have your children acting as 'environmentalists' and they could write a letter of complaint to whoever, about how they are damaging the rainforest!?
    Or perhaps with the Olympics, your chidren could pretend to live near the stadium and they could write a complaint about the noise?
    Hope that has helped a bit, and sparked some of your own ideas :)

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for all the ideas, they're great :)

    ttg2706 I love your idea about making jolly postman style books! It's too late for that now but I'll definitely try it next year!
    I'd really like them to write one about the rainforest, the problem being that I have a few children in my literacy group from another class, and they haven't reached the same point in the rainforest stuff as we have!
    I think I'll keep it jolly postman style as they seem to love that book, and do a formal letter to a fairytale character.

    Thanks all! :)
  6. I wish I'd seen this before! When I did letters with my year 3 class we wrote letters to the governement of Brazil about the deforestation, and they loved it!!! If you're doing it again I'd highly recommend it. They produced super work...

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