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Ideas for Y3/4 musical

Discussion in 'Music' started by gogglehead, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Happy New Year to you all. A busy week ahead for us all no doubt. I'm on the lookout for a musical suitable for year 3/4, to perform at Easter time. Doesn't have to be about anything in particular. Something with CD backing for when I'm not there then the class teachers go through it but also with the score for my rehearsal purposes.
    Gogglehead x
  2. What length? does it have to be about easter in particular? How many roles solo/chorus?

  3. gogglehead

    gogglehead New commenter

    Good points RMA,
    Something no more than 30 mins, there will be two classes involved (about 55 children).
    Doesn't have to be about anything in particular, I ask the class teachers if they have any preference and they don't mind.

    Some solos and speaking parts would be great but lots of singing for the chorus.
    Cheers x
  4. Hi Gogglehead,
    Happy New Year!
    How about 'Ocean Commotion' by Debbie Campbell?
    Debbie's musicals are fantastically flexible to suit a range of age groups and abilities and are really good fun.
    Duration approximately 1 hour ; Cross Curricular Aspects include science, ecology, geography, citizenship, language, literacy, music, dance, design and art.
    to suit the number of performers available, the cast size is flexible with 15 to 30 evenly distributed speaking/singing parts and choruses. Musical styles include waltz, ballad, rock ‘n roll, blues, Latin, rap, classical, duet, and 2-part harmony.
    A trusting young Bottlenose Dolphin goes off to play with her human friends, despite warnings about fishing nets from cautious Porpoises. Meanwhile the aggressive Great White Shark is trying to find a good school for his brainless godson Hammerhead, who'll never learn to avoid the dreaded hook. Swimming along in the deep blue sea they encounter many colourful creatures, including Barnacles, Herrings and Tuna Fish. When Bottlenose is captured and taken to a dolphinarium, the sea creatures rush to her rescue. Great White threatens to attack the humans but Orca, a clever Killer Whale, enlists the help of the illusive Blue Whale, who counsels that force will lead nowhere, despite his might; communication with the humans who hold Bottlenose is the way to go.
    Available to purchase in various formats (with CD) depending on your preference:
    If this one doesnt quite work for you, just search Debbie Campbell musicals as there may be something even more suitable for you!
    Best of luck,
    Laura x
  5. Have a look at Out of the Ark - outoftheark.com. They have various plays, but they also do a history series called That's What I Call A Class Assembly. Topics like the Victorians, romans, Greeks, Henry VIII etc. They have a short script and 3 or 4 songs - all fact based - you can expand on it based on any work they may have done in class. Lots of cross curricular ideas in their too. comes with cd and backing tracks too.
  6. try www.musicalhistories.com

    I did the Boudicca Musical and the children loved it
  7. LennoxBerkeley

    LennoxBerkeley New commenter

    Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

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