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Ideas for transition afternoons - help please, out of my comfort zone here.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kentishwench, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am moving from Year 4 to Year 1 in September and would like any experienced Yr1 teachers with brilliant ideas for welcome afternoon activities to help me, please. I can think of some ideas but realise that some of the children in Reception may still be at mark making stage and I need to know if I have to get busy making play dough etc. I will probably have the class for two afternoons from 1-3 ish and as my brain is frazzled with Year 4 reports, if anyone can help put me on the right lines I would be grateful. Keen to make a good impression on my new class but I don't want to put them off, either!
  2. Have a lok at earlier posts....



    best wishes with it.

    My handy hints is to look at what you are doing curriculum wise enxt term - and try and link in with a september term topic - art/portraits and painting special words, etc.....

    remember main aim is to get to know the personailities (them and you) and as a teacher a sense of ability to help perpare the pitch point for planning....

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