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Ideas for science week with an Olympics theme - drama workshops etc.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jojojojo, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I've been asked to plan a science week in July tied in with the Olympic.
    Can anyone recognise any theatre groups/science workshops etc that has an Olympic/ sporting theme.
    I'm finding the internet as a resource disappointing as it keeps leading me to companies connected to the london Olympics but not linked to education.
    Any help much appreciated
  2. GrahamLawler

    GrahamLawler New commenter

    What exactly are you looking for, a visiting speaker?
  3. Yes, visiting speakers and workshops to begin the week.
  4. Check out my website www.workshopsforschoolsand nurseries.co.uk I may be able to help you
  5. Hi - I'm fascinated that you are planning a Science Week tied in with the Olympics as I have been trying to get my head around the same theme. I teach in Zambia so theatre groups and workshops are not an option for us, but would be interested to know if you have some ideas of activities the children can do during the "Science Week" which are Olympic based. Much help appreciated this side of the equator too [​IMG]
  6. What about:
    Human biology
    What happens when we exercise?
    AT1 keeping cool
    AT1 trainers / friction

    If you are in the Uk and register with Get Set they will send a science kit out to you
  7. Wilden

    Wilden New commenter

    Do a week based on food, fun and fitness. Healthy food - designing menus, menus for healthy packed lunches for a week, fruit kebabs, veg tasting etc. Fitness - set up a mini circuit for all children to take part in - differentiated by age across the school. Do some bleep test type running every day having measured the pupils at the beginning of the week and also at the end. Fun - skipping workshop? goal scoring with someone from a local football club? netball scoring competition - best out of 10 or 20 goes? Set up some orienteering in the school grounds or a local park. Have a main focus of a different activity each day and ask them to write/illustrate a diary of the week to give some working time each day, tally/record favourite activities for a graph in maths the following week. Art - drawing/painting/collage based on different fruits and veg - diff year groups a different subject or media or on different sporting equipment eg- footballs, tennis rackets, javelins etc.
  8. Am hoping to plan a Humanities Day based onOlympic theme but am really struggling - any ideas gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  9. runaway

    runaway New commenter

    Humanities - Do your children know the story of Jesse Owens andLuz Lang at the 1936 Berlin Olympics - an incredibly powerful and compassionate story to kick off interest in the topic. Google it for details.

    Have been collecting resources and links for primary languages and the Olympics on http://mflhampshire.wikispaces.com and on Talkabout Primary Languages site if they are of any use.

    Maths lends itself to the statistics and measurements surely highest fastest longest etc. classic opportunity for a trainer design or swimsuit design project to explore friction in science along with health diets of athletes bodies etc..

    Looking forward to sharing ideas with others and will definitely be following up some earlier suggestions on this discussion thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks runaway. i am responsible for the Geography side of this day. Have thoughtof flags from each country and finding those countries on world map. Would like something more exciting as well??

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