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ideas for school library.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sammeyed1983, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. any ideas please
  2. is it computerised? if not something to aim for so more inline with libraries out of school. Costly though look at junior librarian

    How about a pre school section and have pre school afternoon or an adult section for parents and staff

    displays of books people have enjoyed, saw something on site other day with people reading in strange places on photos
  3. To promote reading after updating our library last year:
    - I put up some hanging A4 laminated cards in the library showing where the fiction and non-fiction books were located. Also cards with reminders of what fiction and non-fiction mean etc;
    - I sorted the non-fiction books and labelled them with Dewey numbers (prior to that we had the world's only random library!) and made A4 charts for each of the Dewey hundreds with pictures and a little text on so that children know what's to be found in each section. Each chart is colour coded to the stickers on the spines of the books. This has helped a lot as children can now find things quickly - especially as I printed off a couple of Dewey catalogues. The stickers came from NES Arnold I think;
    - the children made 'bookworms' out of circles of card threaded onto wool. Each bookworm had the child's name on the back of the head. Every other circle had the title and author of the book on the front and a one or two sentence comment on the back. The children enjoyed seeing their dangling bookworms grow longer and longer as the term progressed. Next time we do this, I think I'll use treasury tags to join the circles instead of wool as it was a little fiddly to thread each new circle on;
    - each child made an A3 chart with the title 'My top ten books' and ten rows (about the width of a ruler). They blu-tacked strips of paper with the titles of their favourite books on. They rearranged these and added/removed titles whenever they wanted to. This created a lot of discussion as to which books were the best and the children were keen to recommend books to each other;
    - in the classroom I have a display of A5 laminated cards saying "This week _______ is reading..." The children mostly use this to find out what others who like the same sorts of books as them are reading so that they can get an idea of what to read next or ask to borrow something;
    - I downloaded some nice posters on authors from Instant Displays and put them up in the library. The children then made similar posters about their favourite authors and we put those up too;
    - we've had bookmark and design a book cover competitions.
    The children are much keener to use the library now. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  4. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    Ooh - some great ideas!

    Thanks x
  5. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Hi I have just popped over from the Early Years forum and found your ideas really useful as I'm library coordinator in my school. I have just got to think of some fresh ideas for our book week. I like the book worm idea.
    Back to OP I have just started opening our library after school once a week so parents can come and choose books with their children. That is going quite well.

    I have recently computerised it with Junior Librarian which is worth doing but the work involved took hours and hours and hours!
  6. wow thanks these ideas have been a great help. At the moment we dont have anything computerised and are looking to sort this out ASAP. So while this is getting sorted im looking for ways to promote the library, for example competitions, displays etc. It will help when it is more in a working way though so can open it at lunchtimes and maybe after school.
  7. Hi, I also have the same project at hand and am rather perplexed as to where should I begin. Previously I've been a primary teacher but then we have transfers in our school, so I'm assigned this task. Please give me some tips too.
  8. There are several organisations that can help.
    You may be in a local authority with a schools library service - check as they are a goldmine of help and support. You may also find it useful to join my own organisation - the School Library Association - see the website www.sla.org.uk

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