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Ideas for resistant material lesson

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jessed, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. jessed

    jessed New commenter


    I am trying to plan for my new class in september (massive change to what I teaching at the moment); most of my students will be between P4 and P6.

    I have a 'resistant materials' lesson which has learning outcomes such as 'I can roll a cylinder', 'I can observe different movements in the environment', 'I can use simple tools with dough or clay'. At the moment, the only thing I can think of doing is making cookies or something with dough.

    Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do?


  2. How about making some salt dough or playdough?
  3. jessed

    jessed New commenter

    I did think about that but just wondering how to make it into a lesson.
  4. I normally start off by passing round the various ingredients and letting the children touch, smell etc the various things - within reason - obviously care with salt. Its nice to put different smells in playdough - almonds especially I find lovely in playdough. Also putting glitter and food colouring in is good fun. If you've got a theme then cutters in those shapes. Saltdough can be slowly baked and varnished when dry.
  5. jessed

    jessed New commenter

    Great thanks...! I think I may try to get some cutters etc.


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