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Ideas for "enhanced provision" linked to Jack and the Beanstalk please!? (for Ofsted!)

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by LucyD84, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. We've just had a Local Authority inspection on Weds...only to find out yesterday that Ofsted are now coming on Tues! Our topic is "Growing" and we've just started learning the Jack and the Beanstalk story as part of our "talk for writing." For the inspection we just had on Weds..I was praised for the way that I had enhanced the provision outside- linking it to Jack and the Beanstalk and the adult-led activity that was going on inside (pretty much all of my children chose to play outside...the only ones inside were the group working with me!) So i want things to be similar to last week...but I need some different ideas for enhancements I can put outside (or inside) linked to Jack and the Beanstalk and growing.
    Last week we had:
    -a tray of seeds and beans with tweezers/sorting pots
    -large milk crates initially laid out as a "castle" -with masks of jack and the beanstalk...a cow outfit..and a "golden egg"
    -broad beans hidden in the sand tray with letters on (a bit small but I managed to permanent marker letters onto them!)
    - wooden fairy tale small world characters (placed in a builders tray which actually no-one played with)
    -we have a role-play area set up inside as a Garden Centre

    does anyone have ideas of enhancements I can make this week- linked to Jack and the Beanstalk or "growing" ? Or any fab lesson ideas!!??
    All ideas would be gratefully received!!

  2. I did a nice one the other week linked to PSRN-SSM. I challenged the children (in pairs)to find a stick (or they could make one ) that was taller than me> They then had the opportunity to make it look like a beanstalk. I had provided different materials to cover the sticks that were all green. they then had sellotape, glue, string etc. to attach it to their stick. We then found the tallest /shortest stick by putting them in order. The children finally took photos of me and the stick, showing that it was taller than me.

  3. Oooh thanks thats a nice idea! :) We need to do more SSM so that would be a nice activity! I think they might struggle to find a stick taller than me though in our Reception outdoor area...we've just had a big gardening session and got a bit carried away!! Perhaps I could find some beforehand and place ('plant!') them in our outdoor area to be discovered!!
    Did you do it as an adult led activity? We've started using "talk tins" to provoke/extend the children..I record myself giving the children challenges and they find the "talk tins" around the classroom...listen to the message and sometimes choose to take up the challenge! I might just record myself saying "Can you create a beanstalk taller than your teacher" and leave the tin placed near some sticks and green materials etc!

    thanks for your idea! :) Please keep them coming :)
  4. Yes it was teacher led. maybe you could adapt it to 'taller than yourself' or 'taller than a Jack' and provide a picture of Jack- any size you like.
  5. We planted beans last week and the children took home a bean diary which I made to chart its growth[​IMG]
  6. Thanks sallylouise...I think i'm going to do this as an adult led activity in the afternoon. Did you plant the beans in soil? When ive done this previously with other year groups we've just put beans in a clear plastic cup with kitchen roll...so that they can see the bean develop? But im wary of the fact that this will only take a very very short amount of time..and I dont want it to all be over and done with before an Ofsted inspector wanders in half way through the afternoon!
  7. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Could you make the Giat's furniture? You could use large construction blocks, cardboard boxes, big cardboard tubes (ask at carpet shop), masking tape etc...
    Make the Giant's bread - would need to be adult led - you could add bits of pasta (?) as teh bones!!
    Have large mixing bowls, spoons, whisks and different things like coloured water, paste, slime to 'cook' the Giant some food!
    Put blank paper in builders tray with figures from the story and children draw and create the small world - you could provide lego, pipecleaners, cotton wool etc.
    Usee beebots and a blank grid and children could draw own images on for Jacka nd the Beanstalk
    Use dried beans to make pictures
    Make harps - maybe? Not sure if they would work, a bit like an elastic band guitar, but an elastic band harp?!
    Have Giant footprints that they can measure with.
    Give them 5 magic beans and challenge them to make something that they can carry the beans round in/keep them safe.
    Let the children wear old 'giant' shoes (large mens ones) and step in paint to make giant footprints!!
  8. How about all things gigantic? I have a pair of Doc Martins filled with concrete that I use for a shoelace tying exercise. They are good because they are stable. Got them from a charity shop .. of course, though one of the (firefighter) dads donated a pair too. You could have oversized dressing up clothes available too. - see how many times the sleeves need rolling up so the kids can nove in them. Go on a fee fi fo fum hunt and match the words , individually, around the place. Have a go at making bread. Get some bones from the butcher and see if they can be ground,
  9. Thanks everyone!! some really great ideas...much appreciated! :)
    Can I ask everyones advice on one more thing..in the afternoon, we're going to plant some beans. I'm doing a short intro on the carpet- discussing things that seeds/plants need to help them grow- then as an adult led activity was going to get small groups to plant their own "beanstalk." In the past- i've always planted beans in clear plastic cups, with no soil but just kitchen roll and water- so that they can observe the growth/bean changing. But i'm wary that it doesnt take long to stick a bean in a cup and write a name label for the pot! I dont want all of the children to have finished it before the Ofsted inspector has a chance to visit our room! Would you go for the clear cup? Or soil which might take a little longer? I was thinking perhaps both- they could do 1 in soil and 1 in a cup that they can observe more closely? and perhaps make a little start on a "bean diary" which they can record their observations in over the next couple of weeks.
    Also- do you think it will matter if my adult-led activity for Tues/Weds morning (the days Ofsted are in!) is the same? We're drawing story maps for the Jack and the Beanstalk story- but creating an alternative ending (when Jack reaches the top of the beanstalk- what does he see? Who might he meet? What magical land does he find? etc) so I know that I wont have time for all children to do the adult-led activity with me on Tues morning. Normally- I would continue the activity throughout the week (so on Weds morn i'd be doing the same!) do you think Ofsted will expect to see this? or would they want to see something different on the weds!? I'm hoping its an "EYFS friendly" inspector who knows that this is what a Reception class is structured like...but im wary of being criticised for doing the same on both days!


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