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Ideas for move up day?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hpycroft, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. We have move up day next week and i have a FS2 class coming up to my year 1 class. Its my first time doing a move up day being in the final weeks of my NQT year - any ideas of what they could do?
    So far ive got making their peg/tray labels and introducing them to basic routines.
  2. mum123

    mum123 New commenter

    I used this idea last year, I made a suitcase template, and asked the children to put things in the suitcase that 'identified' them - ie things that they liked, family, pets etc. I used these to get to know the children. You could extend this to worries, talents whatever you thought appropriate. We also drew pics of ourselves in bright pastels, and when the chn came back in Sept they were already displayed with a 'welcome to class 2' sign. I felt it gave the chn ownership of the classsroom from the beginning. Your ideas sound fab too - I don't think I was that organised!
  3. It's always good to have a display ready for September, I have used similar ideas in the past, such as:
    * creating a passport to the new year, family details, picture, skills etc on
    * wanted posters describing themselves
    *Recipe for a great class - poetry style.
    This year as my Literacy based activity, I am thinking of adapting a previous year based on Superheroes, getting the children to create themselves as a superhero with school based powers, etc
    Obviously a numeracy activity too and the normal rules, tour of classroom.

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