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Ideas for KS2 G and T writers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by moonlighttail, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Hi I have been give the task of looking into resources and /or people to come and work with out gifted and talented writers in Years 5 and 6. Currently we are not getting nearly enough children to Level 5 at the end of KS2. Our school is in a pretty economically deprived area in Bristol. Any ideas would be much aprpreciated.
  2. There's these able writer's groups that are being set up all over the country. Its where schools in the same area get their able writers together and well-known poets/writers come in and work with the children. It's set up by the children's poet Brian Moses. There is more information if you visit Brian Moses' Website
    I'm looking into it myself, it sounds like it could be a really worthwhile experience for the children.
  3. Thanks had a look at his website, looks promising
  4. Jumping Starfish
    Thank you for highlighting that link - have you had any luck looking into it yet? I tried emailing but haven't had a response, I think it looks really good and am interested in it.
    I would be grateful if you had any details - that you would pass them on to me.
    Many Thanks

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