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Ideas for Independent Activities, yr1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by RiecesPieces, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. RiecesPieces

    RiecesPieces New commenter

    Dear community,
    I am having a year 1 for the first time this year. It's a tricky class with lots of behavioural/social/emotional issues and the school is in a deprived area. However, this is not my main issue. The children are very low level, especially in literacy. They basically cannot write anything on their own, apart from my higher ability group. After whole class teaching on the carpet, I usually take one group while my TA works outside with another group and after 15mins or so we swap and get our next 2 groups. That means that half of the class are working on their own on independent tasks while we're doing group work, which can but are not always related to the learning objective. I try and keep them really basic so they can access them without any help, but I feel like they lose focus so quickly and then end up messing about or wondering around the classroom or even get into fights etc. (as I said, behaviour is still a big issue). I know it takes time to train them to work independently but it is starting to be really frustrating as I end up sorting out behaviour or reminding them to do their work instead of focusing on my group! When I got fun activities involving cutting and sticking (which they like) they make an even bigger mess so I kind of stopped that. I was just wondering how other year 1 teachers here would handle this situation? What kind of activities do you put out so the children stay on task but don't keep coming up to you to ask you what they need to do or get bored either because the task is too easy or too difficult? Another thing is that the attainment gap is HUGE in this class - some of the children cannot even read or write their own name while others already write full sentences, so I sort of need to differentiate the independent activities as well...
  2. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    Do you have any EYFS experience? I would suggest that you have lots of activities that the children can access, continuous provision, so you could support your groups. If they are that poor this is probably how they will learn bext, through play. If you know what they are interested in e.g. Spider-Man,Frozen then use these to engage them. You could also look at what ou put out so if you want them to write their name, you could put names in shaving foam for them to copy etc... Think 'free flow' although you will have to consider how your school feels about this for y1.

    If you try to be too formal they won't be ready for it.

    Hope I'm not telling you what you already know!

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