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Ideas for fresh, exciting ks3 sow?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Janeybgeog, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hello, Im wondering if anyone has come across/is teaching any new Geography schemes of work for KS3? Ours are fine, but I feel that we could do with something new, a different topic or even just a new way of doing something that is 'old'.
  2. fl100

    fl100 New commenter

    Have you checked out the stuff that was on the old geographyteachingtoday site, now stored by RGS....we've adapted and used a lot of them to jazz up the curriculum!
  3. We are just planning a SOW on the Geography of extreme sports. We are linking river processes to what conditions would be good for white water rafting, and coastal processes to where would be good for surfing etc.
  4. theyesman

    theyesman New commenter

    Why not drop them on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Give them each a map. a bottle of water and basic survival equipment. Then tell them they have five hours to make their way to a jetty on the other side of the island (clearly marked on the map) before very muscular men wearing fatigues and sporting crossbows track them down and eliminate them one by one.
    Any revenue from film rights could go some way to replacing the astro-turf or even helping finance the introduction of a new and stimulating menu in the canteen to the rest of the school/
    If you don't try it you'll never know!
    Glad to be of help.
    The Yesman.
  5. Well 'Ordnance' as in 'Ordnance Survey' is another name for 'guns' or 'cannon' and that's what maps were originally created for. '

    Take a map and ask the following questions.

    1. Where would you site the guns for best field of fire
    2. Where would you be able to get into a 'hull down' (look it up) position
    3. Where could you hide tanks and artillery
    4 What ground would act as a barrier to an attack - marsh, river, sand
    5. Would route would you choose to march 10,000 men and their equipment along
    6. Where could you build a forward airfield
    7. Which bridges would it be best to capture for a large river crossing
    8. Where would you build a field hostpital, field kitchen, field water supply point.

    All these are real problems the miilitary have to solve on a day to day basis.
  6. My Y9 students really enjoy a unit on 'Child Labour'. It considers both economics and development through the use of many case studies, including companies like Nike and Primark, but also child models used in the fashion industry. I've uploaded the scheme of work to the resources section of the website.

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