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Ideas for first lesson in September

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by crochetaddict, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT startingmy first post in september. I havea full days lessons on the first day but obviously none of them will know that and will not have books etc.
    HOD has said we can do something different but I don't want to be too nice[​IMG]
    Any ideas of what sort of thing I can do? It would be perfect for CAME but I can't do a 'proper' CAME lesson.

  2. strawbs

    strawbs Occasional commenter

    crochet? [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG] GREAT idea! I have made perfect hyperbolic planes out of crochet actually,...

    here see, http://theiff.org/oexhibits/oe1e.html
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    I know you said you didn't want to be too nice but this seems a cruel and unusual punishment.
  5. Spoilsport

    <<goes back to drawingboard>>
  6. strawbs

    strawbs Occasional commenter

    couldn't resist!!
    does it have to be a "one-off" lesson? Could you start an investigation and then carry it on in subsequent lessons?
    what are the first units in each year's SoW? is there anything planned already?
    nrich http://nrich.maths.org/public/ is a good site - could you find something on here that nicely segues into the "proper" SoW?
  7. I have the sow and first 'proper' lesson sorted but I have 8, 9, 10 and 11 on my first day, and all of them are continuing on from this term (yr 9 started the GCSE topics a few weeks back)but none of them know they have maths on their first day, so will have no books or textbooks etc. I am hesitant to start the term with them all on scrappy bits of paper as well (neatfreak)
    Good idea for nrich, will have a look, thanks.

  8. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    I'm not blaming you, but I'd be really annoyed, in your position, if my HoD hadn't got off their backside and put together a scheme of work which made absolutely clear what sorts of activities you should be doing in your first lesson with each class as an NQT. First impressions are critical. I'm not really sure why kids won't have all the books/equipment they need on the first day of term to hit the ground running... To be honest, I'm totally 'old school' but spend the first lesson making sure all kids know what's expected of them. Learning maths is a secondary consideration, although they need to know, from the off, that they're going to do worthwhile activities with you, and they're going to progress - make sure you give them confidence in yourself. When they're sorted out, start really making progress. Seems to work for me.
    Having said that, in your position, I'd ask other teachers what they are planning. I'd also look for some solid activities that you have successfully tried on teaching practice - stuff which will keep them busy, and which will allow you to talk to them, and establish yourself. I wouldn't try anything too risky.
  9. Chazette

    Chazette New commenter

    I'm still waiting for my new department to write their scheme of work...first day is gonna be interesting!
  10. thanks all. I am a bit [​IMG] with what is expected. Apparently as they only get their timetables on the first day back none of them bring in any books. And they were given all texts and exercise books at the end of this term. Helpful. PLus school broke up today, so can't ask anyone.
    No clue if there are multilink cubes, haven't been able to get in my classroom and won't until gcse result day possibly (am going to sneak in while everyone is there to recce)
    Afl stuff is what I was planning as I only have the level spread of the set to go on atm so need to start getting an idea of where they are in that level iyswim..
    Have been thinking and will probably start with class rules (as in I dont accept 'dont get it' as a question - I do accept 'I dont get 'x', or 'where did you get that line from' type stuff) and then doa brain gym type thing I was using as a PGCE - having them all standing and doing calcs/sitting down when they 'lose' the number. Maybe the fab algebra top trumps game from here or an algebra codebreake?
    beyond that. um. the Fear has set in! I think too much choice is confusing me.

    (I am well awae=re I am being v cheeky btw I do appreciate all help!)
  11. Lots of choice.
    My particular favourite is permutations of letters. How many ways can you arrange 1 letter, then two letters, 3 letters. Is there a systematic way to set this out? Someone then suggests the next one, but it's normally wrong! Having done four letters see if someone can predict 5.
    then I explain about ! factorial notation.
    then get them to imagine that it is different ways of sitting, instead of letters, and get them to visualise (ish) 30! if there are 30 pupils in the room.
    Then if every permutation takes 1 second how long will it take the class to try out every seating variation.

    But remembering other schools, I can remember Year 7 kids getting lots of lectures in all their other lessons (agreeing rules, discussing course etc) and it seemed to work better just getting them straight to work, so I had a times table sheet that increased in difficulty from 5x6 to 37.45x28.96 over about 30 questions. Gave me a bit of info about ability before the CATs or KS2 data arrived. And kids could go home after their first lesson with a whole bunch of ticks in their books to show parents. And whilst they are multiplying I am learning a few names and getting used to being back in school!
  12. With our year 7's we always start with a times tables test in silence, then I mark them and they get certificates based on how well they've done. So 15/30 is bronze, 24/30 is silve and 27/30 is gold, with a special full marks ceritficate. Could you do a mental test for each class? Or a lot of work on mini-whiteboards?

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