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Ideas for end of year presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anniesophie, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    I've just come across this website (sorry, can't do links):
    Loads of really good ideas, and very cheap!
    I'm finding it difficult to decide what I want to buy them
  2. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Nice one captain oats. Thanks
  3. I'm genuinely shocked and stunned that people would buy their children gifts.
    'To thank them for their hard work!!??' - is this why in secondary schools we're expected to be grateful for the kids just turning up and actually expecting them to do any work is just unreasonable???
    They get a free education and lots of perks - they don't need a bouncy ball for their pains.
    I'm a parent too and my child has never received a gift from any teacher - much less a TA - I would feel a bit odd if she did to be honest. I don't buy gifts for the teachers either - we get a salary.
    Besides which, isn't there some sort of dodgy line-crossing going on if we're exchanging gifts with children?????
    My gast is flabbered by this thread...
  4. chocolatecheesecake

    chocolatecheesecake New commenter

    I always give my kids a small gift at Christmas and at the end of term. I have bought them all a book each from The Book people this time round. Spent a little more than usual but I have taught some of my class three years in a row, so I wanted to spend a wee bit more. I have a P3 by the way.
    I am always pleasantly surprised by the gifts the children give me. And I do give small gift to my son's teacher as well.
    I don't think it is an issue unless we make it one. Some of my colleagues never give gifts and I think it is a personal choice. It doesn't make any of us better or worse than anyone else.
  5. Fuzzybrainjo

    Fuzzybrainjo New commenter

    Asda's had frisby's for 50p and other outdoor items either 50p or £1
  6. I love the book people for their bulk buys! Some of the teachers ordered a bih set for their classes today actually, a set of 42 or 43 books for £20!! I have also ordered the same set for my niece and god-daughter for Christmas :-o
  7. Have done Poundland before and the Book People do great sets of books (handy for birthday party gifts to guests instead of party bags). This Christmas I gave each child a Horrible History book. Costco were selling a 20 book set for £15. Fab! My class are P5/6 so a bit older and harder to get! This summer I'm getting them each a DVD of movies they made in groups for the Very Important Bear topic. Not much of a surprise as I've had to ask for permission from their parents to do this!
  8. Hi, I don't get a great deal of pressies from my Y5 children, and I'm afraid a mini mars bar is about as far as I go!!!
    However, a teacher friend of mine had a great idea at christmas time. Rather than spending a tenner on a couple of bags of mini choc bars, I bought a couple of cheap board games from TESCOs instead, to go in the class wet play cupboard. The children loved unwrapping them, and I got a couple of extra resources in the cupboard!!!
    I must say that I keep this to a tenner at Christmas, a few quid for mini eggs at easter, and a mini choc at the end of the year. Anyone whinging about what they get, receives a lecture in the value of 'giving' as opposed the monetary value of the gift.
    Actually, I like the idea of donating money to charity, perhaps 'adopting' an animal at a local zoo, which we've done before. They usually give you a certificate which you could photocopy for each child to take home, or pass to their next teacher to pin on their wall in Sept?
  9. I have brought paint by number books from lidl for 99p each, traditional tales, nursery rhymes, farm and 1 other theme I can't remember, all for a year 1 class. The pictures have simple sums as well as single numbers.
  10. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Still waiting for that opperation to remove the stick?

    Why don't you keep your gast in secondary and carry on churning out little robots. I'll stay in Y6 where i'm going to give my class chocolates on their last day.
  11. My class set up the school's Fairtrade group and I have bought them an enamel lapel badge each from http://online.fairtrade.org.uk, just 90p each. They also have an offer on Fairtrade chocolate footballs, so I bought them some too.
  12. I agree, I do not feel the need to spend lots of money.
  13. I have always bought the children a small gift at christmas, easter and end of year ie selection boxes, easter eggs and probably a party bag for the summer. I do it because I want to, some kids get very little and I do appreciate their efforts to try their best etc. Not easy in a school where the FSM is greater than 40%.
    How ?.
    Would you reject a gift from them at the end of the year, a picture that they have drawn for you or something that they for you ?

  14. Yellow Moon are good for pressies plus Asda
  15. Each year, I simply (and affordably) burn a CD for each of my students. The CD includes videos and photos from the school year.This year I'm also going to personalize each CD by adding an audio recording of the first time each child read to me and how they are reading now. Photos last forever.
  16. I copy the same CD of photos for all children in my class. As far as safeguarding goes, parents do need to give permission for photos of their children to be shared (one form for sharing withing school and another for our password-protected class internet blog.) Luckily this year, I have permission to share photos of all children in the class with other students. I guess it depends on the policy in each school as well as the parents' personal wishes. It is a very meaningful, affordable, and easy gift! One that will be cherished for many years.
  17. I have the same problem for my Year3's. Look on ebay as there are people who produce chocolate bars and write the childs' name on the label on request.They do the same for weddings etc.Can't remember the name but have a look.Good luck!
  18. I make my class a compilation CD of all the music they've enjoyed in Dance/PE warm ups, end of term disco tracks they've liked, as well as our school concert performance music. ( Although I was lucky enough to be able to choose my own, more upbeat music such as Mr Scruff). You can include music from films they have enjoyed at the cinema. I also add on a few tracks that I really like that I believe will 'educate' their ears in music genres such as Motown-especially Stevie Wonder- and classic 60s stuff such as The Beatles! I don't worry about adding a playlist, but it would be easy to make one and print it off with a front cover if you had the opportunity to do so. A cost effective and personal gift!
  19. Waterstones the book shop are selling magnetic bookmarks with wildlife animals on them. They are a pack of 6 for £2.99. They have other designs to choose from too but I thought they would be good with a small pack of sweets. Hope this helps.

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