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Ideas for end of year presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anniesophie, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Well, yes, I must say it seems to have gone a bit crazy. I've a career break and only came back into teaching last year. Twenty years ago kids were happy with a home-made fairy cake or a couple of stickers... Last year I gave them personalized bookmarks, and no wonder they looked a bit nonplussed, if they were expecting proper presents! Think I'll have to do a bit better this year...
  2. PS I can't believe underpaid teaching assistants (and I used to be one) are spending £20 - £30 on presents for pupils. My other half would do his nut!
  3. How about a photo of each child made into a book mark and laminate it.
  4. We made a book of funny poems as a class and I used the (colour) photocopier to make them into books.
    We wrote in the front and included pictures etc etc....

  5. I work in year 4 and this year I thought it may be nice to give the children frisbees and I found that they do packs of 5 in poundlan, they also do bubbles in their in packs of 6. Either of these are different for the end of term.
  6. I'm in secondary and when my year 11 form left I was stuck for ideas. In the end, I opted for friendship wristbands. I bought one per student and they each chose one and gave it to someone else in the class that they had a connection with. I knew my group well and this was easy to manage. They really enjoyed this and I would do it again.
  7. water pistols!!!
  8. Think that teaching assistant must be getting paid better than the rest of us. Love the children but couldn't afford £1 per child every year, especially with 31 in the class and Christmas gifts too!
  9. Hi I love the idea of buying the class something what they can take to their next class! I'm a TA at the mo, but start my Teacher Training in September and will def remember this!!! I would do it this year with my class, but don't think it would work with Year 6 as they move up to Secondary lol!
  10. Those people doing videos and Albums - do you keep it just to each individual child or one generic one for the class which you then copy of 30 odd times? Just thinking about safeguarding etc. Do parents ever get funny about pictures / videos going to other parents?

  11. I'm not getting paid anymore than any other teaching assistants (apart from SN assisants who earn more)
    No offence to anyone who doesn't agree with what myself or some teachers do for the children, as basically I don't give a toss, but the way I see it is that parents are very kind to me durng the year from buying Christmas presents and Easter Eggs to end of year presents and the majority of them put a lot of thought into their gifts aswell as miney, the least I can do is spend at least £1 on their child at some stage in the year. I will admit that I spend more than that on the kids, from gifts at Christmas, a cream egg at Easter and the end of year, aswell as buying new things for the classroom during the year if I think the children will enjoy using them, be it a small jigsaw or a wee doll for the house corner. It's just the way I am, if I think that it will help a child have either fun or//and learn then it's worth it IMO.
    With my gifts I always try to buy things which the kids will learn aswell as enjoy, for example at Christmas they got wee playdoh sets from Poundland, I bought these as there were a lot of kids in the class who were havng trouble with writing, cloluring and cutting so thought playdoh would help their co-ordination skills etc.
    This year they have got skipping ropes, as a lot of them cannot skip as they don't have the skills yet, one child just learnt today and was delighted with herself, one learnt last week and hasn't stopped since and is now really good at it so my gift to them will help to encourage them to have a go.
    Another thing,the school I work in is in a disadvantaged area and a lot of children don't get things bought for them every week to bribe them to be good etc by their parents some will be lucky to get new toys for their birthdays or at Christmas so if I am able to give at least one child in my class a bit of encouragment, a bit of fun and that feeling of excitement of getting something new then so be it.
    I do give to charities, our school does a backpack appeal every year to help send children in the 3rd world to School and we always get a good response, just because I choose to buy the children a small gift doesn't make me crackers, mean I have more money than anyone else.
    If it means I have to do without a few bottles of wine, going out for a meal, spending silly money on clothes or shoes, so that a child or 30 can get a small gift, and something that will help their development etc then so be it.
  12. Accidently hit the wrong button there and posted my above post before I got to check my spelling and grammar so apologies for any mistakes I made above :eek:
  13. Sorry I haven't read the whole of this very long post....but SEN TAs get paid more???? I must be one of few that get paid less than HLTAs and LSAs in my school!!! I must be a right mug!
    Anyway, about presents...again I am one of the few that doesn't give presents and doesn't find a need to either. I dislike the pressure in schools on both staff and parents to give ever flashier gifts every year...and not just at the end of the year! As a SEN TA (band B) I couldn't afford to buy the children I work with (from Y1-Y5) a gift each and wouldn't want to leave out the other children either. As a parent...thank you to all the teachers that have given my child a gift...but please, we are fortunate...I love the idea of giving to another school less fortunate.

  14. I forgot to add that I don't get presents off the children or parents, but I do give to my child's teacher...ah, good old peer pressure.
    At the end of the day, it's always the thought that counts. I dislike the present giving partly because I have heard some of the things teachers say. On the three occassions that I have received a gift (over 6 yrs) I was overwhelmed at the gesture.
    To see the growth in a child's self-esteem is the best gift for me.
  15. I understand what you are saying and in the school I work at we are always raising money for certain causes and we also do the shoe box appeal at christmas.
    Giving my pupils a gift is my way of saying thank you for their hard work and help through out the year. Most of the children I teach have poor family life and hardly get anything (even clean clothes). They really do appreciate any little gift they recieve and it builds a great relationship with the class.
  16. sorry that was in reply to Vikindu's comment about giving money to charity
  17. You guys give presents to your kids???
    I used to and then slowly realised it meant very little to the vast majority of them...so I don't bother anymore! Guess most children have too much nowadays!
    I usually give them a sweet smile, wave goodbye and think...WOOHOO!! Holidays!!
  18. In our school we do give presents - but without spending much. TA and teacher club together to buy the pupils a pot of bubbles, the other year R classes do the same and on the last morning the whole year group go out together and have a bubble party - amazing sight, lovely memories, and a happy last day. We have a pot of spare bubble mixture handy (strong washing up liquid) to top up any spillages and if needed so they have some left to take home.

    With year 2 - a pen and notebook, teach them about old fashioned autograph books, make up a few poems, and let them spend a happy hour writing in each others books - again, present and activity for the last day!

    Parent helpers I struggle with too - also I've had a dreadful NVQ2 student for the past term- Fair trade chocolate bars probably and a thank you card signed by the class.

    On the last day, when some pupils bring presents, I do a cringe-worthy chat about what is the best present you can give a teacher - they always say chocolotes, flowers... and I say No, better than chocolates...better than flowers and tell them it is seeing them grow and learn. Then they have to think of something they have learned, pretend to hold it in their hand, and then throw it for me to catch! Works with year R - don't think I'd try it with KS2 or 3!!!!!
  19. I dont know how it works in England regarding the pay of classroom assistants etc but here in my area we get paid different. There is a classroom assistant in our school working one to one with a special needs child and she gets nearly £10 an hour, I get £7.83 an hour.
    As far as I am aware, well from working in 2 schools we have classroom assistants General assistants and special needs assistants. I don't know what HLTAs or LSAs are. I'm assuming SEN may be special needs, could think of what LSA would be but have no idea what a HLTA is.

    As for someone saying that they and the teacher puts money together for bubbles for their class. Are we talking about the average bottle of bubbles?? If it is then I wouldn't even bother asking the teacher for the money as you can buy 9 bottles of bubbles for £1 in Poundland or Poundworld. I'd actually be embarrassed to ask my teacher to split the cost of the bubbles with me. But that's just me, we are all different at the end of the day.
  20. The book people come into my school (they are also availabe on the internet) It is cheaper to buy in bulk (a pack of 10 books for £10) so i bought each child of my 30 children a book for a pound. it also is a great keepsake as pencils etc get lost and i can write an individual message to each child.
    good luck

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