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Ideas for end of year presents?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anniesophie, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Anyone willing to share ideas for end of presents, and where you bought them from?
    I've got Y2 and would like to get something different from my usual pencil/rubber/sharpener theme!
  2. oops - should read 'end of year' present
  3. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  4. many thanks, queenlit!!
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I usually get something from Baker Ross - eg bouncy balls, bracelet kits....
  6. Tesco sometimes have quite good party bag things like bubbles and bouncy balls.
    Last year got some nice bead bracelets off ebay for the girlies!
    Have done mini notepads and pencils from superstickers website when in the sale, too.
    Now what I need is 13 v v cheap but not horrible gifts for my parent helpers (a candle or something). We have so many helpers and seems to be the done thing at our school to get them a small something! Any ideas for that one?!
  7. It depends on how much you are wanting to spend To be honest. I am a classroom assistant and set myself a budget of £1 per child seeing as we have 28 of them, 2 years ago I was able to go into Poundstretchers and buy skipping ropes at 50p each, they each got a skipping rope, bottle of bubbles and a wee slinky that were in party packs. Think that year it came to around £20.
    Last year Tescos had outdoor toys for £1 each so got a mixture of Handheld water games, balls, bat and balls and something else, wrapped them up and let the kids have a lucky dip.
    This year they are getting a skipping rope with bubbles in the handles which I got in Poundland for £1 each. At Christmas they got playdoh sets from there aswell so Poundland is my new best friend :p
    I also make up a wee party bag for them too with a few sweets and a photo album in it, which has all the photos which have been taken of them throughout the year in it. Mine are age 5 by the end of June so my presents are easy to get.
  8. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Some great ideas here. Can l ask if any one has any suggestions for a year 5 class. I am going to buy them a couple of books to take with them to their next class, but would really like to give a little something to each child. Thank You.

  9. Hi,
    I got mine a frisbee each last year. Went on a bargain hunt and managed to barter in poundland I think!
    Probably do the same this year or something like that. I also make them each a card, with a photo of them on it from the year.
    Hope that helps x
  10. A couple of years ago in pound land they were selling plastic tennis bat with a ball for £1 - so my class all got one of those each.

  11. I too have year 2 and I put together a book of memories of the year with some of the children's memories included. I also include some pictures of things we have done over the year. So apart from a bit of my time it doesn't really cost me anything. I copy the pages at work and the chidlren and parents enjoy looking back over the year.
  12. I have year 1/2 and put all the photo's we have taken throughout the year and make a small movie for the each child. I put the photo's on to window's movie maker and then add some music (the children singing a few songs we have learnt in assembly) and put then on to a CD. The only cost is a pack of CD/DVD, as the last poster commented the parents and children enjoy looking back over the year.
  13. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Last year's thread contains many ideas...

    Andy ;)
  14. I always look in the wholesale section of ebay! Put "30" in search and see what comes up. Last year, I bought a pack of 30 children's sunglasses for £10. FANTASTIC - the children were thrilled! Perfect for the summer holiday...
  15. What about secondary school kids. I have a lovely year 8 class that I would like to get a small something for (as I am not teaching them next year) but I'm not sure what would be appreciated and appropriate for students in that age group. Any ideas?
  16. I teach Year 5, and we make a lot of videos/drama in Literacy and I try to take a lot of pictures throughout the year, so I make the kids a DVD of all our videos and all the pictures I've taken throughout the year. The kids love it because it's something interesting, and then they have copies of the videos to show their parents.
  17. Hi, I also do the cd with lots of photos with accompanying music - cds have a class photo on them (bought kit from Tesco) and all are put in individual plastic cases.
    Last year, I also made a fridge magnet for each child that I know my old Yr 6s still have on their fridges at home - chose a good photo and placed inside plastic magnet cases bought from e-bay.
  18. Are you joking?? I can't believe that teachers buy their students a present?
  19. I do the cd too but I also like to make them something too. I usually buy some cheap drinking glasses, Tesco do some nice straight pint glasses, 4 for 89p i think. I them write their name on them all fancy. I use find a nice font on word and print it out, stick it to the inside of the glass then use a glass pen to trace over it. I then fill this with sweets and things.
    I spoke to a child last week I taught 7 years ago and he said he still had the glass, he now used it for a pen pot on his desk. I thought that was really nice that he had kept it.
  20. Why do you all feel a need to indulge in gifts for your class? The money could be better spent on helping educate needy children for example in Tanzania where many schools have no books, writing implements or resources. Here is one great organisation you could support http://www.justgiving.com/read Show your pupils that life is not all about getting gifts!

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