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Ideas for end of term

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deleted691, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Making board games can fill a day or so quite easily (and still appears vaguely educational). Can get 3D shape nets in for making a dice - do you want a cube, or more-sided etc etc? Writing instructions for the game, designing the board, playing pieces, cards if they're doing something along the lines of Monopoly with forfeit cards - I've always done them onto A3 sheets of paper with the rules on the back, hijacked the school laminator (add in the treasure hunt fun of finding where that's living this week) to laminate the game boards, and let them have all the odd scrappy bits of card you've been hoarding all year to make their game bits from... then if you're still in "proper work" mode they can design an advert for the game, a mock-up box for it, can spin it out into radio or TV adverts and playscripts... and then they can go around and play test each groups' games - can easily get a couple of days' nice work out of it when it's getting to just the start of wind-down time before total flump into the last day or so territory. I remember doing it when I was at primary school (although I think we just did it for the joy of making them - not with the extra educationy bits you need to tack on these days) so it's stuck in my mind for well over a couple of decades!
  2. I love this idea!! Thank you.
  3. ooh the boardgame idea is really good! Def going to use that with my darling year sixes. Thanks!
  4. We've made games and the kids love it x they are gonna take them to other year groups in the last week so play them x
  5. great thank u! what a super idea
    anymore would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
  6. Love the game idea but my current y3s wouldnt be able to do this - has any1 any ideas for year 3???

  7. The 'Thinking on the Spot' game on the resource bank is great.
    Everyone has a turn with rewards for those quick
    enough to list five items.
    We enjoy inviting any visitors to our class to also have a 'turn'.
    My class then added their own categories on a powerpoint and we put all the group ppts together to make our own class game.
    This involved discussion about the best slide layout, design etc.
  8. I have done this activity several years running and the children love it. I currently teach year 3. The children work in 3's and are given a section of display board in the classroom. Each group have to select a topic - I let them choose anything. As a group they have to plan what they will put on the display board, what information they will need, drawings etc. They can also bring in things from home. It then takes them a good whole day - sometimes more, to create their display. We admire them, take a photograph for each child to take home, then take them down and replace with brand new backing paper for next term. Easy, hardly any input from you, so you can get on with your own sorting. Great for team work and showing off their display skills. Tip - get them to plan their display before the weekend so they have plenty of time to gather their resources.
  9. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Quick challenge that requires scrap paper from the recycle bin and a pair of scissors.
    Challenge: How many children can you fit through a hole in a piece of A4 paper without it breaking...no sellotape or scissors allowed. We managed 12 children through one today and even fitted me through a post it note! [​IMG]

  10. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    How would you do all that cutting without scissors?
  11. Depending on age/ability, get them to design a booklet for a child joining the school. In groups decide what the cover would be, what's included eg school lunch menus, uniform description, time tables, subject descriptions, sketches of the teachers, school grounds etc.
  12. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Given that they're only in school for a maximum of 190 days a year, is no-one else slightly perturbed at finding teachers on this thread looking for ways of 'filling' days?
    Here's an idea - why not teach them proper lessons?
  13. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Agreed. I amazed that you lot are seemingly so ruthlessly efficient as to have squeezed EVERYTHING in with time left over.
    I've blocked my foundation subjects this term so we'll be doing a week of art in the last week, but I'll still be teaching.
  14. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    And presumably all members of their classes are already a comfortable level 5 in all subjects.
  15. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    To be honest, that's a bit meaningless as a criticism as not many have indicated which year group they're working with; no-one below Y5 will be much concerned with Level 5s.
    The point I was making was that although, arguably, everybody plans something low-key for the last morning whilst displays are taken down/work sent home/etc, the point of this thread seemed to be veering towards people planning two, three or more days of children not learning anything. It does get harder and harder at this time of year to stand up and deliver day after day of literacy and numeracy lessons, as the children find it harder and harder to listen, but as I said, surely it's a better use of their time to block the creative/foundation subjects for the last week, rather than just complete time-filling activities.
  16. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Yes and no - the role of the teacher in any primary year group is to teach to ensure all children strive towards the best possible attainment.
    I agree with the point you make and will add that probably the main reason children find it hard to focus is that they assume the last week (or more, in some cases) will be filled with pointlessness.
  17. I have done this for years. They read a biography, then make a board game at home based on the person's life. The number of facts enters into the grade. We spend the last week of school, as time allows for the students to play the other games and they rate them for facts, playability, etc. They love it and it works well for the extra time at the end of the year.
  18. I have taught a DT unit this week to my year 1s, but the quality of their work is not to the standard I would expect.
    I will therefore, be doing the 'time filling' activites with mine next week, especially as I have to move classrooms, and don't get given any time to do it. While I have a LSA, the class will be writing list for what to include for our end of term picnic, and making games to play when we are not picnicking! During this time, I will start the 'lesson' then move some stuff while my LSA supervises the children. I hope this will be the best of a bad deal, and a hard time for the children to concentrate!
    Roll on next friday!!!
  19. Next Friday .....? You lucky, lucky beggar!
  20. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    We are having a mix of end of year things as well as 'proper lessons' but with a fun theme - e.g. a Pirate themed week of maths investigations and problems to solve. We are writing items for a book for a leaving member of staff, hopefully showing their best letter writing/poetry writing skills. We will have PE and have a science trip planned for one day.
    All topics are finished and done with as we only have this one week left, along with some truly end of year things, like them choosing best pieces of work for their 'Best books' and practices for the leavers' service.
    We have worked VERY hard together as a class to complete everything in the plans and will enjoy the odd little activity that we can still make room for.

    PS - My previous post activity DID allow scissors - and took all of 20 minutes at the end of a long, long morning when everything else planned had been covered and we still had time left...even in this tightly structured and learning objective for everything times, this does still occasionally occur.

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