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ideas for decorating my classroom?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by scienceteacher11, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. scienceteacher11

    scienceteacher11 New commenter

    Not sure how to make it personal?
  2. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Pictures of yourself?
  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    what subject?
  4. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    Not your job.
  5. Get some posters you like, choose colours for backing paper that you like, make the environment as nice as you can!
  6. scienceteacher11

    scienceteacher11 New commenter

    science, who elses job would it be-want to do it myself..was just looking for inspiration
  7. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    Premises Manager?
    Professional painter/decorator appointed by the school?

    If, of course, you mean 'decorate' in that sense...If you mean 'display posters/pictures' etc. then your school should have a policy which excludes teachers from doing it (under the 25 tasks').

    BTW if you go ahead, better make sure you are properly trained & insured, or you could fall foul of H & S laws...
  8. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    Does anyone here work in a secondary school where someone else does these things for them?
  9. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    I do.
    She has been round today asking which displays we want down, where we want the "stuff" and what we want up instead.
  10. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    Blimey. It is the first I have ever (in 21 years) heard of this!
  11. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Really???? Wow. She has a (very wide) range of duties, but display is one of them - and she is VERY good at it.
  12. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    In the early days of that contract we once had a TA who put a few things up, and soomeone else put a big uninformative level ladder up.
    Otherwise I find that I know how I want things to go.
    Only trouble is time.......
  13. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    We have a display person.
    Made redundant as of end of term.
    So, no displays in my room from now on, unless the kids put them up.
  14. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

  15. missmunchie

    missmunchie New commenter

    I teach Science too. When I had my own classroom I would put different coloured backing paper on the wall in sections around the classroom. Start at one point of the room (on the left hand side) and give a section to each year group that you teach (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 etc). It should go round in order so that you can then use the space to put up work from each group and each year can see the progression as the work goes up. You could inlcude a list of the topics they are studying that year as well. Maybe you teach in Scotland? I had to do all the displays when I taught there. I think the idea that someone else has to do it is mainly from English schools, I could be wrong there though!
  16. <font size="4">wow....</font><font size="4"> </font> <font size="4">This is new to me, been working in EBD (emotional behavioral difficulty) school were there are more TA's than teachers and I still have to do all my own displays as well as being the only teacher in department I still found time to do it!</font>
    <font size="4"></font>
    <font size="4">Looking forward to going into mainstream school!!</font>
  17. At my last school it was written into the job descriptions of all our admin staff, TA's and CS's that they would be attached to a particular subject area. One of their responsibilities was that they did displays and made resources for that subject area.
  18. I *can* choose to wait for someone from site team to sort my displays out... Or I can do it myself, as long as there's no ladders involved. My department do a little bit of both - we have regular changing display boards at eye level, and then, because most of our rooms have quite high ceilings, we have other boards that (I'm told) change roughly every 6 months, that are done by site team :)
  19. Chazette

    Chazette New commenter

    During my PGCE maths training, i had to create a display as part of my coursework.
    1st school - you must not make your own displays - give it to the library staff, they will do it along with every other rooms - waiting time few months.
    2nd school - DSA will do your displays - amazing lady too! waiting time a week.

    New school - DSA shared with science and only works part time. May get around to doing a display sometime in the year - her advice do it yourself!

    As for starter displays - im in the process of decorating my classroom for sept. Got a world map up with quotes from famous mathematicians and bits of string showing where each one came from (looks swish if i do say so myself!) and got a timeline for the history of maths running around the ceiling edges (its better than the standard pi to a million places).Kids can add to the world display later showing what theyre famous for i.e. descarte - cartesian coordinates
    I saw an amazing geography room once with a paper mache (sp!) compass in the centre of the ceiling and directions round the edges too!
  20. I am an NTA which is Non Teaching Assistant in a local Primary School and am responsible for most of the displays around school, putting up and taking down as well as reports, library management, laminating, cutting out, computer work. making resources as well as being a Welfar Assistant. People like me do exist but are very far and between with schools.

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